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  1. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    I have thought of that issue with the touch screen also and am glad I did not get that one. Now I am in need of an upgrade to my laptop and trying to decide what to do LOL
  2. MsBlueEyzz

    Sparkchaser went to Kazakhstan. If you care, click here.

    Wow! So far it looks like you had quite an adventurous trip :)
  3. MsBlueEyzz

    Ray Bradbury

  4. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    beer good it does have those functions on my laptop and phone :) The one on my phone is more difficult for me to read with because it is so bright. It really bothered my eyes after a little bit of reading.
  5. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    I use the kindle cloud reader on my laptop and I also have it on my phone. I have not used it on my phone a lot only due to the fact that I just got the phone :) I like it on the laptop as it is easy to read the books. Not as easy as my Kindle due to the size difference. I have a Netbook...
  6. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    I love my regular kindle. I am also surprised at how much faster I read with the Kindle. I was just given a regular book and am not really as interested in reading it since it is not an ebook LOL
  7. MsBlueEyzz

    James Patterson

    That was an interesting interview. Thanks for sharing :)
  8. MsBlueEyzz

    March 2012: Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of the Baskervilles

    I really enjoyed this book, but I will admit I am a bit biased as I love Sherlock Holmes :)
  9. MsBlueEyzz

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Deadmistress by Carole Shmurak
  10. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    I have the basic Kindle :) I like how easy it is to hold. There are some books that are not e-books, so I will still get the feel for a "real book" from time to time at least :) Also some of my "professional" books I will always want a hard copy of. I love the idea that I can carry the Kindle...
  11. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    Well, it a way to reach a broad audience since it seems more and more people are getting e-readers :)
  12. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    LOL My bookcase is already full and there are certain books I will still buy since I want a paper copy. I wonder if eventually we won't have that luxury. Regardless, there are certain technological advances that I can do without as well :)
  13. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    I can understand that..and the feel of the pages as I turn them...I will miss those aspects.
  14. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    I really do love it. I can say I don't think I will miss a real book because of how light the Kindle is ha ha
  15. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    Update: I received my basic Kindle in the mail today. Tomorrow my cover with light should be arriving. I already love it. I really like the fact that it is light and easy to hold on to with only one hand. Also I like how you can change the font. Thanks to everyone for their help as it made it...
  16. MsBlueEyzz

    Chuck Palahniuk-anyone similar??

    I wanted to see if anyone knows of similar writers like Chuck Palahniuk. I love his writing style. Does anyone know of writers that write like him and are good?? :)
  17. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    That is what I am going to get also :) I think that will help a lot when reading in bed, which I do a lot of. I am so excited because now that I have decided what I want it will be ordered. It will just be a late Valentine's Day present, but that is my own fault for not knowing what I wanted to...
  18. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    753C-That makes me feel much better about my purchase. Many people have told me they have a different version and are saying to get the regular one for what I want or even that they don't like certain things about there "fancier" one. Not everyone mind you, but a few :)
  19. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    I will go with the regular kindle and see how it is. I have never had any e-reader, so I think I should start basic since all I want to do is to read a book on it :)
  20. MsBlueEyzz

    Random Image Thread

    The locations of the cat are so true ha ha When I want to pet them they don't want to be held..when I don't have time to pet them or hold them they are right there!! ha ha