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  1. Ruzi

    Desert Island books

    Well, Fantasy is probably my favorite genre as far as books go, and Fairy Tales are some of the classics of the group. I enjoy them all, and so taking a book of them gives me a good variety and a number of different and interesting stories to thumb through under the same covers. Not to mention...
  2. Ruzi

    Question: upon returning to a book...

    Normally if I stop a book and get back to it at a later day I'll generally start over at the beginning. I'm not known for having a great memory and if a book is good, then I want to know the whole story, not just what few bits I could remember. There are exceptions though, as there are some...
  3. Ruzi

    people that can't read in cars>>>WIMPS?

    Reading in the car doesn't usually bother me, as a matter of fact I always make sure I have a book on hand somewhere when I'm out of the house. On long car trips however, I can only read for a certain amount of time before my neck starts to bother me, at which point I take a break for a little...
  4. Ruzi

    Desert Island books

    Books I would take to a desert island, let's see.. The Princess Bride The Free Bards The Charmed Sphere Bird by Bird My diary A guidebook for the local plant and animal life A book of Fairy Tales Every Living Thing Grass for His Pillow A dictionary
  5. Ruzi

    Internet addiction

    I just went about that, though a little shy of 14 days it upset me. I'm a net person. I'm homeschooled, I live away from other people my own age and in that sense my friends online are extremely important to me. Being without them is upsetting to me and without the net I quickly get desperate...
  6. Ruzi

    So, I was dropped back into a few things recently..

    I know that I tend to vanish and show up, vanish and show up, and that probably gets old, but, you all seem to be such patient people. Anyway. A while ago(I lost track of time) Hurricane Ivan struck the panhandle of florida. The eye wall went right up our bay, we stayed for it and we got to...
  7. Ruzi


    I'm 17, although people have told me I tend to sound a bit older..Is that good or bad, I wonder.
  8. Ruzi

    Beatrix Potter

    Nice Picture ^_^ You're lucky, I would have loved to have been able to go there. I used to love reading (or having someone read to me) her stories and fables before bed. The art in the books was lovely as well.
  9. Ruzi

    I have a new goal

    I'd love one. I want a castle..../japanese beach house. ^_^
  10. Ruzi

    Catchy tunes

    I was thinking more along the lines of a loop of endless Hakuna Matata, but the small world song works too I guess.
  11. Ruzi

    Catchy tunes

    Listen to some disney songs or children's shows, those are catchy, and I guess dance-able.
  12. Ruzi

    Beauty and the Beast

    This was recently posted in a livejournal community and everytime I read this Fairy Tale I enjoy it more and more, needless to say it's one of, if not my my most, favorite. I've only read different versions none of which are longer than a few pages, just short stories really. I'd love to get...
  13. Ruzi

    Clear to see

    Nope. Though it's very interesting, seems like a good place to spy on people though.
  14. Ruzi

    The Most Gorgeous Website .. Ever!

    While both of those are amazingly made and fun, I'm not sure I'd call them gorgeous ^_^ Either way, I'm impressed, I hadn't seen either of those sites before now.
  15. Ruzi

    Walking Home While Drunk

    ...37 I'm so bad at this game:D edit: new high score 52, I'm still no good at it though.
  16. Ruzi

    Crop Circles

    They're certainly beautiful, I'll give you that, but I'm not sure I want to know how they're made. The mystery kind of adds to the beauty if you ask me.
  17. Ruzi

    Uh... hi...

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll make yourself at home.
  18. Ruzi

    Here quite by accident.

    Welcome Artemis, I hope you'll stay with us and enjoy your time here.
  19. Ruzi

    Currently Reading?

    Now that's just plain swifty :cool: Very nice.
  20. Ruzi

    Currently Reading?

    That seems to be a pretty common question around here, and I was wondering if it would be possible to add something in the profiles like- Currently Reading: (insert book here) Next book: (insert book here) -or something along those lines. It would offer a way for people to see what others are...