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  1. honeydevil

    Looking for book on Post-WWII Germany

    Do you want a fictional or a non-fictional book?
  2. honeydevil

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Sportfreunde Stiller - Siehst du das genauso
  3. honeydevil

    What Kind of Watch Do You Wear? (contains images)

    I wear my metal fossil watch always on the left arm. I always put the face to the underside of my wrist, so that it looks like a bracelet. The dial is violet and very small...
  4. honeydevil

    What did you read in April?

    Nothing, i learned... if schoolbooks count, i read about 5 of them for history!!! :eek:
  5. honeydevil

    Shakespeare's Plays

    My favorite Shakespeare play is Midsummernight's dream... I saw it a few years ago in a theatre.. It was played by students, they danced, sang and spoke it... they had a beautiful stage... since then i love this play...
  6. honeydevil

    All for One and One for All

    “All for One and One for All” “Another year passed and the horrible weekend knocks on my door again” thought Danielle Spades while she laid in bed and tried to push the memories of the past years out of her mind. The only thing that persuaded her to leave her warm and snuggly bed this Friday...
  7. honeydevil

    Questions Regarding Your Reading...

    The first time i had a speed of 270 wpm and after that training i had a wpm of 287. kinda funny.
  8. honeydevil

    How Many Languages Do You Know and Use?

    I'm able to read german and english book. Sometimes it is really funny what the translater made out of the story. =D
  9. honeydevil

    The New 4 Word Story

    while spilling his coffee
  10. honeydevil

    Happy Birthday Motokid!

    Happy birthday moto! Have a great day and enjoy the life with 3 females. hd
  11. honeydevil

    Your Name, Gender & Age...

    thanks i like it also, for a few month i try to decide what tatoo i want to have on my back. hd
  12. honeydevil

    Question Game

    Einstein, in spite of that i love Shakespear. What is the one thing, you ever want to do but never had the possibility?
  13. honeydevil

    Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand is great, it's musik, it's a kind of retro rock and it is something different. Nothing thats in the charts is like Franz Ferdinand, they have their own style and you wife has kinda right. Every song of them has the same rythm, but that's why you hear a song and can tell that it...
  14. honeydevil

    What should you be doing?

    cook homework dress up call a friend
  15. honeydevil

    Your Name, Gender & Age...

    Josephine female
  16. honeydevil

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Wizo - Gute Freunde
  17. honeydevil

    Question Game

    Yes i have dsl and i like to travel to Thailand or Japan. What was the craziest and brightest haircolor you've ever had?
  18. honeydevil

    Happy Birthday Irene Wilde

    Happy birthday again. Celebrate it the way you like it!!! hd
  19. honeydevil


    Hey guys, i have to read Schiller in school and was wondering if it was translated into english? Friedrich Schiller (November 10, 1759 – May 9, 1805) was a german poet, philosopher and dramatist. some of his works are The Robbers (1781) Intrigue and Love (1784) Don Carlos...
  20. honeydevil

    Question Game

    no and i wouldn't that's why i don't clip them... did you ever turn the music up soo loud that nobody hears you screaming?