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  1. RobertM

    Top 100 Sci-Fi Books (online survey)

    Pretty good list. I thought 'F-451' and '1984', since both have been influencing man's thinking for longer than some of the other titles, should have been higher on the list. Noticed Ursula K LeGuin had two entries, except they rated 'Left Hand of Darkness' higher than 'The Lathe of Heaven'...
  2. RobertM

    Blog hyperlink icon-option won't work

    Yes. You type in the html characters manually. Still no WYSIWYG linking, though...not a real problem.
  3. RobertM

    Harper Lee

    The longetivity of the book is in direct relation to the film with Gregory Peck...both continue to thrive...each because of the other. :)
  4. RobertM

    Publish or Self-publish?

    We try to set the standard. It's been working fairly well. Publishing and marketing books is not a big mystery. You need a viable product. You have to be able to obtain the product at below 'normal wholesale'. Market intelligently. It's just like selling charcoal briquets, canned beets...
  5. RobertM

    Blog hyperlink icon-option won't work

    Yes. Same thing happens when I tried to use the feature...
  6. RobertM

    Has it all been done?

    I can assure you (being both a book ed and a mag ed) that NOT all the fresh ideas have been used. Just when I think I'm never going to see anything new, someone always surprises me. Keep trying! I get my best ideas while vacuuming...:)
  7. RobertM

    Usernames!!!! How did you get yours?

    Since I write a lot, I picked my real name as the username. This is for google purposes. Your google entries need to show up if you write, because that's the first place publishers go when a writer submits. (They check the name on the manuscript on google) So...if you post up or sub out short...
  8. RobertM

    You know you're addicted to reading when...

    You know you're addicted to reading when... You keep falling behind your partner at the supermarket because you stop to read anything on product labels that looks interesting.
  9. RobertM

    Who Are The Writers?

    Back in 2002, I couldn't decide what I liked to do more - writing or editing books, so I decided to do both. This is how Adventure Books of Seattle came together. I convinced Geoff Nelder from Great Britain to jump on board, and then Gayla Prociv, who already owned another business. She now...
  10. RobertM

    25th Anniversary of 'SGTTS'

    I had to post up to say that the free eBook time has passed. I was amazed at the number of downloads. We may have to do this again. Cory Doctorow's idea, not mine.
  11. RobertM

    What do you hate most about writing?

    Find some way to bend the rules around to your way of thinking...
  12. RobertM

    Best Book You Ever Read

    I think the question, 'best book I ever read' needs a qualifier, at least for me. Let's say: "Best book I ever read, between the time I started reading, and the first time I decided a book WAS the best...up to that point." I have to say '1984,' at age 12.
  13. RobertM

    Writing tips from Kurt Vonnegut

    There is NO way I can explain this all here in a short post...but...Adventure Books made a video a few months ago based on Allan Guthrie's whitepaper, 'Cutting Out The Pleonasms'. A 'pleonasm' is a word or phrase which can be cut from a sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence...
  14. RobertM

    Can anyone compile a small list of classics that every reader should read?

    I'm going to try some variety here, but they are all classics: 'Huckleberry Finn' 'Catcher in the Rye' '1984' 'Fahrenheit 451' 'To Kill a Mockingbird' 'All Quiet on the Western Front' 'The Diary of Anne Frank' I didn't recommend any of the 19th Century classics (except Huck Finn)...
  15. RobertM

    The Earth Shall Topple Upon It's Axis

    The Prophecy: God text-messaged me today and said all of you should buy a book from us.... You'd better get busy. You wouldn't want to make him angry. Oh, and if you believe THAT, I have this nice beachfront property in Kansas you may be interested in...;)
  16. RobertM

    25th Anniversary of 'SGTTS'

    Twenty-five years ago this week, I wrote my first sci-fi adventure novel 'Say Goodbye To The Sun'. It was rejected by several publishers as 'too far-fetched' and one day I tossed the last known copy of the manuscript into a dumpster and forgot about it. 2002: An attic in Seattle. A copy of...
  17. RobertM


    Stewart: You must have a lot of patience to actually go through this ms. and make comments. More than I... Among all the other things about this manuscript, the most glaring thing is that it was not professionally edited. This is what happens when authors just write whatever comes to mind...
  18. RobertM


    A long time ago I started reading the works of Alistair Maclean. Went right up the list from the first book, 'HMS Ulysses', 'The Guns of Navarone', 'South by Java Head', 'The Secret Ways' etc. All fantastic works. Then...he started to slip. The books became worse, the plots thin, the...
  19. RobertM

    The Most overrated fiction book ever?

    Since tastes in books are so varied, I also agree with Libre. And by the way... Who doesn't like Holden Caulfield and Catcher in the Rye? Or 'Catch-22', a good example of where the book was a LOT better than the film. (By miles) On a separate note, I sometimes think Ayn Rand's work is...
  20. RobertM

    iPoetry - Poetry.com

    Whatever... All I know is that I hated it when my school made us do the 'hokey-pokey' when I was a kid...:cool: