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  1. Justin91

    2010 Oscars

    I have read where the Oscar folks do not like Weinstein...not sure if this is true or not. Waltz won!!!!!!!!!! The only one I was pulling for.
  2. Justin91

    Sterotyping people that read.

    It is human nature to categorize and catalogue everything, especially people - and I am certainly not immune. It is good that your family holds such importance on reading. I used to be shocked when someone told me they did not read. But this is so common, especially in blue collar working men. I...
  3. Justin91

    Sterotyping people that read.

    Keep in mind Aaron, when folks pick on others it is usually an issue with themselves...some like the false sense of power and superiority it gives them, this is why they usually do it in front of others...
  4. Justin91

    Stephen King: Dreamcatcher

    Agreed, my first King was It...I think I have a romantic attachment to this book for some reason...
  5. Justin91

    March 2010: Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants

    Still reading...
  6. Justin91

    Sterotyping people that read.

    Yep! exactly!
  7. Justin91

    Sterotyping people that read.

    I have been an avid reader since I read "It" by Stephen King when I was fourteen. I always read in public, in a small town where it seemed no one else read. I was never picked on, but I never noticed anyway. It was not "cool", but it seems to me sometimes trying to fit in and being like everyone...
  8. Justin91

    What do you want in a bookstore?

    Totally agree. I have been in some really nice used bookstores in a few cities. The ones I liked best were the ones that were well organized as well as somewhat clean...Just no garage sell Clutter. I have been in the mood and visited some really unorganized used book stores, I always came out...
  9. Justin91

    Last seen...

    The Wolfman, not bad for entertainment value....
  10. Justin91


    Hello and welcome to B & R!
  11. Justin91

    Suggestions: April 2010 Book of the Month

    Sounds good to me. I will give it a shot!
  12. Justin91

    Happy Birthday SFG75!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  13. Justin91

    Kinsec & Serial Killer book recomendations

    Have you read any Thomas Harris? His books are really good. You probably have seen the movie Silence of the Lambs, this was based on his novel of the same name.
  14. Justin91

    Stephen King: Under the Dome

    I really liked it. Many different character arcs coming together at once, not unlike The Stand. Not as good as the Stand, but an entertaining read. Like many of Kings novels, I did not love his ending…but a page turner all the same.
  15. Justin91

    Last seen...

    Stephen King's Desperation on TV...I rewatched this, it is ok for a made for TV movie. Probably the last time I will watch this one.
  16. Justin91

    why I hate tv crime shows

    I watch CSI Miami only once in awhile because of the god looking cast. And focusing on beautiful people happens in real life as well. Just check out the murder/disappearance cases that are focused on by the national media...unfortunately, good looks matters on many levels...even to the media...
  17. Justin91

    Just a guy that likes books

    Congratz on your move! Welcome to B&R!
  18. Justin91

    Happy Birthday Eva!

    Happy B-day!
  19. Justin91

    The Hurt Locker

    Really good film! I was suprised to see that it has some Oscar nominations however...guess we will see if it takes home any prizes.
  20. Justin91

    February 2010: Alice Sebold: The Lovely Bones

    Sorry Dude, when I wrote the "you hate the mother", I was speaking generally to all readers of the book. I really should have edited my post a lot better:whistling: I was in a real hurry and posted it too soon. You did make some really good points and I enjoyed reading your take on the book...