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Search results

  1. Thaibebop

    Xenocide by Orson Scott Card

    That was the last Card book that read.
  2. Thaibebop

    Some New Fantasy

    Hello, I was looking for some suggestions for some new fantasy novels to read. Thanks!
  3. Thaibebop

    do people watch anime

    That's funny!! Great joke and so true.
  4. Thaibebop

    Hello from Kansas City!

    I am from Kansas City. However I have some Karmic debt to pay so I am living in Overland Park, Kansas.:eek:
  5. Thaibebop

    do people watch anime

    DBZ is gateway anmie. Everyone gets started there and than moves up.
  6. Thaibebop

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Concrete Blonde Bloodletting Track 10 Tomorrow, Wendy
  7. Thaibebop

    The 1950s

    I already said I was in agree with you, I was just adding that these great thinkers and artist were underdogs in that decade and not to be held up in high esteem until the very end of it and into the '60's. That was my point.
  8. Thaibebop

    The 1950s

    This is a classic case of the artists world supporting their own. You really don't think that the common Amercian has a say in the Academy Awards do you? The poets, writers once again stayed in urban areas and sold outside America as well. They were loud voices for their art and what they...
  9. Thaibebop

    The 1950s

    While I agree with your post, I must say that almost all you have mentioned was at that time underground, and has only become well know nto us today because society did change. A lot of these icons were even looked down upon until the liberal influences of the late '60's really changed that...
  10. Thaibebop

    History of Martial Arts, a view into the origins of the most popular martial arts

    I know of no one book that deals with all, an entire world of fighting tactics would make a large book. I also hope that you are including Western arts as well, although it doesn't seem like it. Shame, if so. Secrets of The Samurai: The Martial Arts of Feudal Japan by Oscar Ratti & Adele...
  11. Thaibebop

    What are you listening to Right now?

    DJ Krush Milight Track 26 Mind Games
  12. Thaibebop

    Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf

    The same thing could be said of many religious books. No, to ban would be to forget, that must never happen. I suggest, al well, that since most here seem to be interested in the Era that you read The Rape of Nanking. The holocaust just wasn't in Europe.
  13. Thaibebop

    Dan Brown

    I agree. I had to read him and was not pleased at all.
  14. Thaibebop

    Guns N Roses comeback falls flat

    No, just saying that the fact he has got more drugs in his system then Keith Richards he wouldn't be very good in a fight.
  15. Thaibebop

    Guns N Roses comeback falls flat

    Axl has always been an ass. That's what helped made GnR and destoryed them.
  16. Thaibebop

    Guns N Roses comeback falls flat

    That would be wroth a ticket.
  17. Thaibebop

    Guns N Roses comeback falls flat

    Dylan can't even stand up let alone kick anyones ass.
  18. Thaibebop

    Guns N Roses comeback falls flat

    Well, that'll be a train wreck.:)
  19. Thaibebop

    Hands down I need to know!

    Ha, Ha...Okay, I can agree with some of these, I guess, but you are suggesting a wider definition they I was. Land Before Time and Andersons stuff is more sci-fi. Howard ( I love Howard) and while we today consider him fantasy I also viewed him as a plup author.
  20. Thaibebop

    Guns N Roses comeback falls flat

    I agree. Izzy and Slash kepted it together.