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  1. Ice

    A Song of Ice and Fire Tv Series

    Apparently the filming of the pilot is supposed to have commenced this month in Northern Ireland :) It looks like we were correct with our long forecasts. Hopefully the pilot will be a success and they go one to create the rest of the series.
  2. Ice

    "New Posts" option

    The New Posts' link works fine for me. Does it happen everytime you use it - how do you normally navigate the forums?
  3. Ice

    New member

    Welcome :) Who are your favourite fantasy authors?
  4. Ice

    Blog Topics

    The site management forum is a read only forum. I have moved this thread out of Mature Discussions and into Website feedback. We will look into this issue - thank you for bringing it to our attention.
  5. Ice

    Just poking my head in

    It's good to hear from you Kook :)
  6. Ice

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    Stuck in a crevice in Antarctica.
  7. Ice

    Nicholas and the Buccaneers?

    Welcome, glad you managed to find it - I was looking for ages. Here is a link to the post with the entire series listed: Buccaneers Series :)
  8. Ice

    Game: Connect the songs - 80's edition

    Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1983)
  9. Ice

    Game: Connect the songs - 80's edition

    Madonna - La Isla Bonita (1987)
  10. Ice

    Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Search

    Can you remember anything more about the book? It sounds vaguely familiar.
  11. Ice

    Michael Crichton

    I couldn't believe it when I heard the news - very sad :(
  12. Ice

    Back from Maternity leave

    Welcome back! Enjoy your time to read whilst you can - a friend has young twins who have just started crawling, one goes one way and one the other :D
  13. Ice

    A Level - Consumer Survey

    Where do you buy the majority of your books from? Bookshops - mostly Waterstones and Ottakers Do you regularly order? Very rarely, normally only for unusual or hard to get items. How long would you expect to wait when you order? It depends on the book, if it is now out of print or I am...
  14. Ice

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    Riding through Wessex in 876 :)
  15. Ice

    Happy Birfday Aquablue

    Happy birthday AB!
  16. Ice

    Hey stranger - long time no see! Hope you are well x

    Hey stranger - long time no see! Hope you are well x
  17. Ice


    Hey stranger - hope life has been treating you well x
  18. Ice

    Boardgames anyone?

    We don't tend to play many but ones I have played recently are Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo and Scattergories (the last two when we were drinking with friends, the former when we were with relatives). I do quite like Taboo :)
  19. Ice

    Hello all

    Yes - a few times, however it was several years ago now :) We were mostly skiing in the Brasov area although we did visit several other places.
  20. Ice

    Not allowed to post replies?

    Were you simply replying to a thread? I was expecting an error more like the one below: If you get the error again could you let us know exactly what you did (and if possible get a screenshot). Thanks :)