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  1. hay82

    book help

    Not that difficult really, even though I don't know age or what books she might like. If she likes fantasy it's just picking up one of the books written by Guy Gavriel Kay. It's historical fantasy and not wizards, magic and good/evil type deals, but he's a great fantasy writer. Also it means you...
  2. hay82

    Excellent Advice on Self Publishing

    Combine that with being lazy and we end up with a really terrible story.
  3. hay82

    Does the Blurb on the Book Ever Match it's contents?

    I'll have a look at one of the books on the shelf when I get back and see what might be interesting to try this with.
  4. hay82

    Excellent Advice on Self Publishing

    I can imagine that a lot of selfpublished books are written by people who don't realize that writing requires actual work. It might take you a very long time to write the story you want to tell, but the real work is in doing all the things mentioned above. It's just the wrong place to be lazy...
  5. hay82

    Does the Blurb on the Book Ever Match it's contents?

    Is that "Of mice and men"?
  6. hay82

    You now feel really old

    Okay. I do/did find it an interesting question though. Not sure I understand the difference. I might say you have both.
  7. hay82

    You now feel really old

    You think there's wisdom to find in all people as they age? Or do some manage to resist it?
  8. hay82

    Firefly Season 2?

    See one clicks the thread hoping the impossible, that somehow sense is back in the world and Firefly will be picked up again, and then I find it's just a comic. Still it's better than nothing, but I'm just not good at following comics. Might still give it a try though because Firefly was brilliant.
  9. hay82

    Do You Remember What You Read?

    Hello Ell, good to see you around. I always read that as long time nosy.
  10. hay82

    Anyone else heavy reader of tech manuals - IT or otherwise...

    I read quite a few and although it's mostly interesting they do seem to have an impressive ability to drain my urge to read. Of course reading tech books is very different from reading fiction. One I read to learn something and the other just to relax and enjoy a good story.
  11. hay82

    Recently Finished

    Les Misérables The unabridged version but it really could have done with being abridged. It's long. 1500 pages of small letters in a paperback book. This in it self is not a bad thing, long books are great, but I hate it when it's because the author comes with sort of philosofical musings...
  12. hay82

    Last seen...

    The Conjuring It takes quite a bit of the scary away to watch these movies in the cinema, but it's so much fun watching/hearing people's reaction to it. The girl sitting behind me got so scared at one point that she squealed and kicked my seat very hard. The scary parts were good though which is...
  13. hay82

    Dr. Who

    So is that a good thing or a bad thing? I started watching last year when I got Netflix and I'm really enjoying it. Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor so far, he's kind of crazy in a good way. Also has one of the most beautiful women as a companion. The baddies in the show are also...
  14. hay82

    Which 3 authors would you like to have a beer with?

    Demian. I've read it twice and I managed to identify with Emil's journey in thoughts at least, but at different places in the book. Reading it gives a feeling of a sort of progress.
  15. hay82

    Which 3 authors would you like to have a beer with?

    I don't think I would want to talk about their books, but rather just talk about whatever topic came to mind. I would probably want to talk religion/philosophy but on a low enough level that I could actually follow what they'd be saying. I find it harder to figure out which authors I'd want to...
  16. hay82

    What Do You Use Your E-Reader For?

    Did you go out and test a few different ones before picking up yours? One of the dissapointments of the Kindle I had, was that it was unable handle PDFs in any sensible way and many of the work related tech "books" I read are in PDF. My tablet is better for this, but not as comfortable to read on.
  17. hay82

    What Do You Use Your E-Reader For?

    It does have a big advantage that you can have so many books in one place and you can always get new books almost no matter where you are. I just found that I didn't like reading on them. Of course this was a 2nd gen Kindle so perhaps one of the newer ones would be better.
  18. hay82

    Read During Take Off and Landing!

    Probably also in recognition of it having no impact on the plane or communications at all. If there was a danger to the plane from them, they would be banned from being turned on at all during the flight and would have been forced to be packed away during the entire flight.
  19. hay82

    What Do You Use Your E-Reader For?

    Got a Kindle a few years back, never managed to read a full book on it and found out that it's now broken. Started to read Moby Dick on it and ended up buying a paperback version instead. So haven't really taken to the idea of digital books yet.
  20. hay82

    Books with Special Characteristics/Features/Gimmicks

    Pretty impressive if that actually makes a novel that's worth reading. That has to require skill and lots of time. Seems a strange limitation to put on writing though, but perhaps it forces paths that would have never been discovered in the usual ways.