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  1. Thelma

    Tragedy in London

    Terrible Thanks for worrying about me, Ellie. I’m fine, I kept watching the news. No words can describe such terrible things, I can’t escape the image of that double-decker with the roof blown off and the headlights on.All my sympathy and good thoughts go to London!
  2. Thelma

    Do you have these in your country?

    too crowded We do have such places, every Sunday and it’s fun for some people to go there, they sell cheaper things or old stuff, bicycles or even pets. There have been a few cases in which valuable old books were found among cheap objects and happily bought by someone who could appreciate...
  3. Thelma

    Gwen Stefani

    No doubt Frankly, I liked her when she was in No Doubt, that Jean Harlow look that was so well exploited by Scorsese in The Aviator, the blonde Hollywood star of the 30s, her red lips and mascara, her original voice and the songs. But now, I don’t know what to think, her videos are kitsch...
  4. Thelma

    A funny: Diary of a cat.

    Clever cat Really funny, I would like to read the dog and the parrot's point of view. I wonder how they see the cat.
  5. Thelma

    I have returned!

    Welcome back Welcome back, wabbit!!! I knew something important was missing from the forum, I'm glad the wabbit didn't move to exotic countries and leave the forum. The picture is great, like a beautiful dream! Welcome back from Wonderland!
  6. Thelma

    Where is she?

    Welcome Welcome back, pirate! where have you been, on the sea, I guess.;)
  7. Thelma

    Shakespeare Day

    Today, 23rd April, we should be celebrating Will! So I thought about bringing him into discussion here, he was my lucky playwright in a very important exam. I got a subject on Shakespeare and I also got the best mark for it, I also wrote a paper about films based on his plays and I can say I’m...
  8. Thelma

    The Seven Plots

    more Very interesting, I would like to read that book. Most examples that come to my mind now are related to The Voyage and Quest plot, on the Ulysses model. I’ve just read The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason and it fits the Ulysses model perfectly, as for Defeating the Monster, I think Lord of the...
  9. Thelma

    heeeeeyyyyy waaaaabbbitttttt

    Heidi Say hello to your Heidi relatives, Wabbit! They're so sweet, all that brown and white chocolate combined. I loove their company for Easter, can't wait to meet them.;)
  10. Thelma

    Creative writing

    I was wondering, has any of you attended a creative writing course? And if yes, how was it, how did it help you, what do you think about such courses in general? I’ve recently read that some of the writers that I like attended or even taught creative writing courses and this made me think of...
  11. Thelma

    Ian McEwan

    I'm so glad somebody mentioned McEwan to start a discussion, even though I have to confess I only read Atonement, but he is on my list of must read writers. I liked Atonement a lot, especially the firts part, which is about the wish to become a writer and the early attempts to write. The way...
  12. Thelma

    Books you have bought but haven't read yet

    Lending Yes, I have quite a few, but the problem is that, not only I didn't read them, I also lent them to some of my friends WITHOUT reading them. And I'm not so happy about that now, at least I made a list, not to lose track of them. ( they include David Lodge, Ian McEwan , Murakami, etc. )...
  13. Thelma

    Uncle Oscar

    I should have posted this earlier but I didn't have the time to do it. What do you think about the Oscars? Is an Oscar a guarantee that a film is good?Do you watch the ceremony?When I was in college I used to stay up and watch the entire ceremony and then comment on it with my friends first...
  14. Thelma

    Motorcycle Diaries

    Not yet I haven't seen it yet, but I heard it's very good and I think that Gabriel Garcia Bernal chap is really cute. :p I'm looking forward to seeing it and I heard that there's a new film about Che with Benicio del Toro in the leading role.
  15. Thelma


    Great I think it's a great movie, great music, acting, directing, everything. I kept my fingers crossed for Jamie Foxx at the Oscars. I know he trained with Ray Charles himself who taught him his moves, his style of playing the piano. Of course it was playback in the film, but Jamie played...
  16. Thelma

    What do bookworms do for exercise?

    Skating I love it, roller-blading in summer and skating in winter. Nothing compares to that sensation like flying on the ice, like having wings at your ankles. And in summer, early in the morning I go on an alley under the chest-nut trees and it's only me and the trees and the wind cause the...
  17. Thelma

    March gifts

    In my country we have a spring custom which I think is unique in Europe: we give each other little objects like amulets, tied with string made of red and white thread. Red symbolizes life, passion, the light of the sun, the woman. White symbolizes winter, reason, the man. At first people used to...
  18. Thelma

    Pictures of my library

    Nice Wow, a little piece of Heaven for book lovers, Ashlea! And Bernadette must be a very clever cat, guarding all those books. No connection to the subject but I saw your avatar on the cover of a book in a store, do you remember that I asked you about it? The book was Laura Esquivel- Like...
  19. Thelma

    Top 10 German movies

    Gut I can't give a top ten, but i loved Goodbye Lenin and Run Lola Run. I told all my friends about Run Lola, I think all of them saw it because of me. And I liked the music in it a lot, the animation, the pace, the repetition of the stories.
  20. Thelma

    Book first?

    I heard that they are going to make a movie based on Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, with Tom Hanks and Audrey Tatou ( Amelie ) in the leading roles. The thing is, I haven’t read the book yet and I usually see the film adaptations after reading the book. It’s not a rule, it just happened like that...