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Search results

  1. HermioneWeasley

    Scarlet Pimpernel from Percy's point of view?

    Hi all, I recently read the Scarlet Pimpernel and was extremely disappointed by the lack of swashbuckling in the story, although I thought the general premise and the misunderstanding between Marguerite and Percy were very interesting. I was wondering if there's a book out there that perhaps...
  2. HermioneWeasley

    Are you a student? Want free Amazon Prime shipping?

    Er...a pile of books, essays, homework, assignements and work? I can bury myself quite effectively and avoid anyone I don't want to be found by.
  3. HermioneWeasley

    Alexandre Dumas

    actually he had many ghost writers. but there are many other novels he wrote without ghost writers (it's generally documented) and he's also a brilliant playwright and he never collaborated on his best plays. also, Dumas brilliant plotting from his playwriting days shines through in his novels -...
  4. HermioneWeasley

    Emmuska Orczy: The Scarlet Pimpernel

    I just finished the book (at 2am) and I have to admit it was really a let-down. The plot was rather bland. I awaited a lot more cleverness, adventure and swashbuckling. The problem, I think, is that the author keeps telling is Marguerite is clever and Percy is brave and cunning, but never really...
  5. HermioneWeasley

    Are you a student? Want free Amazon Prime shipping?

    OMG, thank you!! this made my day (or night, really, as it's late and I just finished a book).
  6. HermioneWeasley

    Medieval adventure?

    thanks, i'll check those out! Guy Gavriel Kay sounds wonderful, although the descriptions of some of his books make it seem like an adult version of Narnia (college students going to a different world and discovering themselves). But, I'm willing to give it a chance...
  7. HermioneWeasley

    Medieval adventure?

    Hi all, I'm attempting to figure out myself how to describe what I want to read now. Some historical adventure novels along the lines of Dumas, Scott, etc...set in the middle ages...basically, right now I'm very into Chaucer, Malory's Morte d'Arthur, and the film A Knight's Tale, and I'd like...
  8. HermioneWeasley

    Scott Lynch: The Lies Of Locke Lamora

    I personally liked this book a lot, and its sequel even more (it was a lot more touching and powerful) but there were still a lot of things in this book that didn't make sense. Like the fact that in a world with so many thieves and outlaws nobody's heard of con artistry. Or the fact that the...
  9. HermioneWeasley

    Author's libraries

    There was recently a book released about Oscar Wilde's library, it was titled something like Built of Books or something...
  10. HermioneWeasley

    Space opera suggestions?

    Hi all, Could any of you recommend me some good "space opera" books that do not involve a war between humans and aliens? I'm thinking of something more along the lines of star wars - an epic conflict in which the enemy is (or was) human. Thanks in advance!
  11. HermioneWeasley

    A modern book similar to Joyce's Ulysses

    James Joyce's novel Ulysses is famous for his miniscule details on the everyday life of the members of a variety of social classes in Ireland in 1904. My question is, does anyone know of a similar modern novel, that reconstructs modern day everyday life to such an extent? Thanks in advance...
  12. HermioneWeasley

    In need of a beautiful book...

    If you want to read about snow, read Russian literature. (I'm not joking). My suggestions include Anna Karenina and Pushkin's The Tales of Belkin. There's one particular tale about a snowstorm and its consequences.
  13. HermioneWeasley

    Alexandre Dumas

    Actually, just obsessed and keen to show how much I know about Dumas. :) But you're welcome anyway.
  14. HermioneWeasley

    Alexandre Dumas

    Not exactly. Here it is: 1. The Three musketeers 2. 20 years later 3. The Vicomte de Bragelonne, divided into 3 parts: 1. le vicomte de bragelonne 2. Louise de la Valliere 3. The Man in the Iron Mask
  15. HermioneWeasley

    Alexandre Dumas

    The novel is most certainly better than the atrocious Leo diCaprio movie. However, it is also the third part of Le Vicomte de Bragelonne, which is the sequel to 20 Years Later, which is the sequel to the 3 Musketeers. So, you may want to read those first... And don't watch the 2002 movie...
  16. HermioneWeasley


    Hi all- There are two quotes that I'm looking for from Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver. I remember reading them, but can't find them. Can anyone tell me where in the book they are? There was one quote about rosy fingered dawn clawing her way through a grimy window and also one about the French...
  17. HermioneWeasley

    Which Douglas Adams book is this quote from?

    I'm almost positive it's from a Douglass Adams book, I just can't remember which one. Help! "Save the whales. They may come in handy when we run out of oil." THanks in advance!!
  18. HermioneWeasley

    Alexandre Dumas

    Fantasy Moon - I know you're read the Count of Monte Cristo and the Three Musketeers (+ sequels). Here are some other suggestions: La Reine Margot, translated by David Coward, Oxford World's Classics. It has good notes, too. The sequel is La Dame de Monsoreau (countess of Monsoreau), which...
  19. HermioneWeasley

    Alexandre Dumas

    Well, I have a romantic imagination too. I make up three musketeers type stories in my head when I'm bored. You might be interested in reading Stephen Brust's Phoenix Guards, it's a sort of fantasy rewrite of the Three Musketeers, very amusing and well written, but it does parody Dumas'...
  20. HermioneWeasley

    Alexandre Dumas

    a comp sci major intrested in Dumas - that doesn't happen often! What were your thoughts on the Three Musketeers? Fantasy Moon: If you would like a larger list of easy-to-get(i.e. recently translated) Dumas books, let me know! I can recommend lots. With names of translators and all that.