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Search results

  1. dude

    Your favourite Game~

    I love everything From Software has made.
  2. dude

    All time favourite Albums

    This is still mostly accurate, though I'd take Drudkh off and add Shape of Despair - The Monotony Fields.
  3. dude

    The Metal Thread

    I am a huge metal fan.
  4. dude

    Random Image Thread

  5. dude

    Surprise Gift

    A severed head.
  6. dude

    Random Image Thread

    I believe in your potential, Coco. :lol:
  7. dude

    Random Image Thread

  8. dude

    About the new forum member Milhouse2011

    Is Milhouse20whocares important enough to refer to himself in third person? No, and I doubt anyone truly is. Go away.
  9. dude

    Recently Finished

    Lord of the Flies - William Golding :stars4:
  10. dude

    What do you use as a bookmark?

    I've had the same book mark for 5 years.
  11. dude

    Recently Finished

    The Paperboy - Pete Dexter :stars4:
  12. dude

    Ken Follett

    I tried reading Pillars of the Earth and put it down less than a hundred pages in. An extremely stupid event, actually two events, took place and if I was already rolling my eyes that soon into the story, I wasn't about to waste my time with nearly 1000 pages. The writing itself was pretty...
  13. dude

    Christopher Moore

    Same here! I laughed out loud so many times reading that. Hysterical! I've also read The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove. It wasn't as funny, but still plenty of ridiculous laughs. It seemed like a spoof on some forgotten, terrible B sci-fi movie from the 70s. :lol:
  14. dude

    Recently Finished

    Man in the Dark - Paul Auster :stars3:
  15. dude

    Why we re-read books

    I've only done it a handful of times. I average 25 books a year or so and reading something over again just seems like a waste of time when there's so much more out there to be discovered. I imagine I'll go back to certain books a lot later in life.
  16. dude

    Shout Out From San Diego

    Sup! :)
  17. dude

    Hunger Games being banned?

    And this is exactly the response this sort of thing incites. It does exactly the opposite of what the protesters want. Now more people than ever will be reading and buying her books. "Thanks for the free promotion!" :lol: Tell people they can't have something and they'll want it. Put a...
  18. dude

    Random Image Thread

    And is it a coincidence that Africa is so f-ed up? :whistling: