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Search results

  1. Disenthral

    What are you listening to Right now?

    I can't stop listening to it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt1-iGD15e0
  2. Disenthral

    Got The Boot, Again!

    I feel like i've missed something incredible!
  3. Disenthral

    How is the first part of this?

    :blink: somethings going on here.
  4. Disenthral

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Flowers For Algernon......... I was a bit of a slacker in school. And of course didn't read it then.It's time.
  5. Disenthral

    Can someone recommend a really engagin, intereseting non-fiction read?

    Well if you loved Into Thin Air how about trying Under The Banner Of Heaven?I found it to be the best Krakauer book after Into Thin Air. http://www.amazon.com/Under-Banner-Heaven-Story-Violent/dp/0385509510
  6. Disenthral

    Character name game

    Theon Greyjoy
  7. Disenthral

    Top 10 musical turnoffs

    I HATE U2...But im not sure it's the music so much..Or just them in general. ....really....
  8. Disenthral

    Random Image Thread

    I figure it must have been from a four pack..like the cans.I think the separate bottles are 1PT. I recently discovered my love for stouts..I always thought I liked Ales the most...
  9. Disenthral

    Random Image Thread

  10. Disenthral

    Random Image Thread

    CERN pre money????
  11. Disenthral

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Bathory - One Rode To Asa Bay - YouTube
  12. Disenthral

    Recently Finished

    I just finished George R.R. Martins - A Dance With Dragons :stars3: It didn't suck....But I want to say it did since I loved the first 3 so much and it was so....blehhh in comparison.But I guess I shouldn't have expected much after A Feast Of Crows..
  13. Disenthral

    Blood Meridian

    BUMP!!! for this James Franco to Direct Faulkner, "Blood Meridian"? - Movies - News - IFC.com ................... ......... nothing says blood meridian like DYLAN MKAY!
  14. Disenthral

    I try to explain

    I doubt it.Considering this is the second thread made on the subject.If the poster really wanted to just talk they wouldn't let their emotions get out of control from people disagreeing with them. And would just carry on posting like a normal person. Could ban, could close thread.....but how...
  15. Disenthral

    I try to explain

    Should "black people" have been capitalized? :innocent:
  16. Disenthral

    Tattoos and Piercings

    Well you can't judge a logo by whats on the.... bands....page......
  17. Disenthral

    I try to explain

    Im excited to see where it goesss . This thread has potential to be the best of all time i say