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Search results

  1. Heteronym

    Amazon starts imprint for translated literature

    Well, have any translations come out of this imprint yet?
  2. Heteronym

    Paulo Coelho

    So when a mother wants her child to survive an illness and the child of course dies, exactly how did the universe conspire to help her? Sentimental, hollow maxims that leave me baffled as to how anyone can take them seriously in the world we live in.
  3. Heteronym

    Aleister Crowley

    Wordsworth Editions has recently released a mammoth collection of Aleister Crowley's short-stories called the Drug and other Stories. It should be a cheap and nice introduction to his fiction.
  4. Heteronym

    Who reads books anymore?

    This community and others that I frequent are the living proof that many people read. I don't see the problem here: a newspaper has paying a book editor? What is a newspaper book editor anyway? What I know is that I don't get my information from newspapers. I read, I follow advices from...
  5. Heteronym

    What are "Collected Stories"?

    I'm almost certain that it's an interchangeable term with "Complete Stories".
  6. Heteronym

    José Saramago has passed away

    José Saramago has passed away. He was my favorite writer :sad:
  7. Heteronym

    Mikhail Bulgakov

    What's this talk about him being a mystic?
  8. Heteronym

    sick of serial killers

    I love a good crime novel that is told from the criminal's POV - whether he be a serial killer, an accidental killer, or a thief. There's something quite fascinating about the reader, merely by following his thoughts and actions, beginning to root for him like he's a hero.
  9. Heteronym

    What does reading a book mean to you?

    I read a book so it entertains me, so it can take me to another world that I don't despise as much as the one I have to live in.
  10. Heteronym

    All the reasons to say buy the physical book that is also availabe for free online.

    I think we can argue that the less time one spends in front of a computer screen, the better for one's eyesight. Furthermore, ebooks can't compete with the collector's pleasure of having his books ordered as he wishes on a shelf which he can contemplate at will.
  11. Heteronym

    Book Villains

    I really like Tom Ripley, from Patricia Highsmith's series. A suave, intelligent, manipulative, sophisticated, sensitive, artistic, remorseless sociopath. I also love Hannibal Lecter for similar reasons.
  12. Heteronym

    SciFi Encyclopedia (or is it a dictionary?)

    I'll have to look it up with more attention. But regarding the entry you selected, there's a very simple solution to it. Write from the humans' perspective so they don't know the history of the 500-million-old aliens.
  13. Heteronym

    Trying to find a fantastic fantasy book that isn't part of a series

    Lud-in-the-mist, Hope Mirrless. It's a very unusual fantasy book, but very rewarding. Neil Gaiman seems to love it a lot since he wrote the introduction for it.
  14. Heteronym

    100 Decade-Defining Books

    Do you know what defines this decade? Ignorance of elementary knowledges learned in primary school. The decade isn't over yet. The decade won't be over until the 31st of December of 2010. This isn't me being nitpicky. This is the Gregorian Calendar, internationally accepted for the past...
  15. Heteronym

    Kim Stanley Robinson slams Booker ‘ignorance’

    We can debate this. On the one hand, a WWI novel is relevant for us today because ninety years later the world is still suffering its consequences. On the other hand, Mr. Robinson wants us to believe that books about things that haven't happened yet and perhaps may not even happen, say more...
  16. Heteronym

    Jorge Luis Borges: Book of Sand

    Borges was a well-read man with interests in scientific books. He certainly read mathematical books, and the charm of his short-stories is that he managed to give these ideas a literary form.
  17. Heteronym

    The Seven Types of Bookstore Customers

    I don't think any of these categories really define me, but I chose Independent for being the most harmless. I'm a guy who likes to randomly go to the bookstore, knowing he wants to buy a book but not caring very much which one, who enjoys to visit every shelf waiting for a name or a title or a...
  18. Heteronym

    The Most Important Book Ever Written?

    Are you telling me the leaders of these sovereign nations can't tell her to go **** herself? If they decide to sell land, for instance, what could she possibly do? Invade them? Sue them? What international court house could bring a country to court? Who could enforce a sentence on them? This...
  19. Heteronym

    Alan Weisman: The World Without Us

    This was a fascinating book full of disturibing, surprising information. Not being a fan of people, I also loved the chapter about the voluntary extinction of mankind. As someone who never intends to have children, I already subscribe to this idea. I just had no idea there was an actual...