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  1. Hugh

    The curse of reading and forgetting

    Earlier this year I was recovering from illness and did nothing but lay on the couch and read. In one week I read four novels and one non-fiction book. A few weeks later I was going through my bookshelf and wondered how it was possible that I had a John Grisham novel that I had not read yet...
  2. Hugh

    Boston Marathon attack

    Yeah, well, your food is still bland. Eating a shepherd's pie is like eating a box of Kleenex. You guys ever hear of salt and pepper? Tabasco sauce?
  3. Hugh

    Boston Marathon attack

    Your experience with violence in the military or LE doesn't mean jack shit to me. And it doesn't preclude anyone from giving their opinion, either. See that header up top of your browser? It says "forum". Where people come to chat. Everybody here who registered a handle has permission to give...
  4. Hugh

    Which Authors You Won't Read Again?

    would you post the name of the school that suspended the student with those two books please?
  5. Hugh

    Which Authors You Won't Read Again?

    The character (and the author as well) are against abortion. Vince Flynn used to appear on Glenn Beck's show as part of his book tour after new releases.
  6. Hugh

    Which Authors You Won't Read Again?

    Vince Flynn and Brad Thor for injecting their politics into their main characters. Vince Flynn's main character was called in front of Congress to testify about the bad guys he had been torturing. The character then launched into some abortion diatribe.
  7. Hugh

    Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today, dead at 89

    http://news.yahoo.com/usa-today-founder-neuharth-dies-florida-89-232609537--finance.html I liked the USA Today from day one. I liked the color photos, the graphics, the shorter stories. And I was embarrassed to admit it. I should have pulled that full color newspaper out in public and read it...
  8. Hugh

    Innate Talent vs Monkeys on Typewriters

    By the time I was seven years old I remember having a typewriter and a dictionary. The adults in my life back then also started me on the Hardy Boys series and before I was even ten years old they were getting me cheaply bound reprints of literary classics. So forty years later you would expect...
  9. Hugh

    Story/book with the help of twitter

    First you must understand that grammar is important. Maybe you don't think a sentence containing "Me and my friend" is a big deal, but you are on a slippery slope. You could eventually foul up a sentence where your objective is to convey to the reader that you want to "help your Uncle Jack off a...
  10. Hugh

    The quiet resurgence of the independent book shop

    My neighborhood supports three indie book stores (four if you count the one that has sort of morphed into a retail boutique). Two of the bookstores are on the same street right across from each other and there are always people in them, one even stays open until 11 PM on weekends. I'm not...
  11. Hugh

    Do You Think Books Turned Into Movies Do It Justice?

    John Grisham said he was disappointed at the adaption of The Chamber. I just watched the movie and I have to agree. There's not much I can really say about it without giving up spoilers, but this adaption was terrible and changed the story dramatically.
  12. Hugh


  13. Hugh

    Bob Knight: The power of negative thinking

    I don't care if they bury him upside down or not - he's a bore. Period.
  14. Hugh

    Random pictures of your cat

    Just adorable!
  15. Hugh

    Reading vs. writing

    In his book On Writing, Stephen King says aspiring writers should spend four to six hours per day reading and writing. If he gave any specifics on how to divide those hours between reading and writing, I missed it. Stephen J. Cannell said a writer should spend at least two hours per day...
  16. Hugh

    Sue Grafton

    Here's a youtube video that Grafton readers will like: All I Want for Christmas is Sue Grafton - YouTube
  17. Hugh

    My thoughts on Atlas Shrugged

    I would take it a step further than just a business man's strike, it was a business man's whine as well. However, it's necessary to understand Ayn Rand's perspective. As a child, her father's business was confiscated by the Bolsheviks and her family became so destitute that she nearly starved to...
  18. Hugh

    Jared Diamond: The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?

    Why did my BS alarm go off when I saw this? Anyway, when I pine for the old days, I don't go back any further than the 1960's. Newspapers, printed books, no Internet or Wikipedia. I could talk like a damfool know-it-all without some wiseass going to Wikipedia and proving me wrong. I volunteer...
  19. Hugh

    Forbes top earning authors for 2011

    Top-Earning Authors 2011 - Best-Selling Authors Those numbers are incredible. Janet Evanovich earns an advance of $10M per book? Seriously? James Patterson earned an estiimated $84M?
  20. Hugh

    Library torched in Timbuktu by fleeing rebels

    Many of the manuscripts may have been saved: From Timbuktu, Reports That Manuscripts Have Been Saved : The Two-Way : NPR