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Search results

  1. mr_michel

    Need a new VAMPIRE book

    try the necroscope series by brian lumley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necroscope_(series) ) they are set on the cold war period, and action happens mostly on england and the soviet union, it has a bigger scope than vampires, but they are the basic antagonists in the series
  2. mr_michel

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    i am actually in several parts rigth now ;) :D im in chihuahua or maybe coahuila, mexico trying to figure out who the hell its the father of Pancho Villa.... or if he actually was colombian :eek: im in prison, surviving all the efforts of mexico's city goverment to keep me there (and its...
  3. mr_michel

    Nevermore: A Graphic Adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories

    i really hope its better than the marvel version :(
  4. mr_michel

    Out of print books - it's a TRAGEDY!

    most of irving wallace novels, though every then and now some of his books are reprinted there are also lots of novels by taylor caldwell (specially the older ones) and a couple of gary jennings i havent had the chance to read because they havent been printed in (probably) my lifetime :(
  5. mr_michel

    What is stressing you out as of late?

    im sorry for the unemployed ones, been there, and its a horrible trial :( im doing ok now, but i had an very stressful summer, i have a store and all my product is imported, well... i had a problem with customs and my shipment for the summer was retained for three months... so i spend all the...
  6. mr_michel

    I Almost Died Last Night

    Man, you really should get your blod and presure supervised, last month a family friend (31 y/old ) died of diabetic shock, and no one had idea he was diabetic. also about 4 years ago we came home and found my dad pretty much in the state you described, we were lucky to find him alive, he...
  7. mr_michel

    Height To Weight Ratio

    im not as cinical as to take one of those tests :D
  8. mr_michel

    On Drawing The Line

    you should be able to write whatever you want to, actully all you need is some paper and some ink. now getting published, distribuited and non cesored by others its a whole different matter
  9. mr_michel

    Books you read because of B&R

    lots, just a few that come to mind im legend everything is illuminated blindness The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
  10. mr_michel


    would you guys say, that Dr. Zhivago, its a Dystopia?
  11. mr_michel

    Anyone ever read two books at once?

    usually i read two books at the same time, plus one i carry in my car..... at some point i have read up to 5 books at a time
  12. mr_michel

    Stephenie Meyer

    good writer, kinda liked twilight, and like new moon it a lot , twilight is being made into a film to be premiered this year, personally i think its not movie material, hope im wrong :)
  13. mr_michel

    poirot or holmes

    not contemporary, but just found about this author, called john franklin bardin, have read two books of a trilogy (from the 50`s) and i like it very much, please you should give it a try
  14. mr_michel

    How frequently do you visit the forums...

    i used to be online 24/7 (not literally, but close enough), but lately i would say about every 4 or 6 months (thats why i didnt want to find a job :( ) :D
  15. mr_michel

    I Am Legend

    oh, by the way, if i hadnt read (and loved) the book a while ago, i might actually have enjoyed this action flick, but i agree with most opions here, it was a good adaptation until the girl and the kid are introduced, and what shitty ending, oh yeah, he die so we all could live, he is the savior...
  16. mr_michel

    I Am Legend

    ok, lets think enders game, the book has a children fighting and killing each other naked in a bathroom, genoside, etc.... would you rather the movie was produced with an G rating in mind, so they can make that extra buck with all those happy meals featuring ender in a mcdonalds near you? or...
  17. mr_michel

    stupid things you do because of films

    straight vodka its not that soft on your throat as it might seem in hollywood movies, and tv shows (which actually makes it great for drinking games :D )
  18. mr_michel

    Is your IQ above 160?

    i only see photobucket sign which probably means my iq is about 10 :( :D
  19. mr_michel

    Real pictures of you

    hey there, i been away for a while, and i see a lot of new faces (literally :D ), i hope to get to know you all, im on a new computer and havent load any pics yet.... so nice seeing you
  20. mr_michel

    Anne Rice

    im a big anne rice fan, on my opinion the best ones are: the vampire lestat, menmoch, the witching hour and lasher the rest is ok, except for the "new tales of vampires" series, and the last three of the chronicles. as for the christ book, im halfway through it, and im liking it so far, the...