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Search results

  1. Frozeninside

    Another Newsweek list

    So Frankenstein is the only book on this list that I've actually read.
  2. Frozeninside

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    I'm in New Orleans pretending to be my hateful twin, who is in a coma. All that Glitters by V.C Andrews
  3. Frozeninside

    Classic Literature

    Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Oscar Wilde is a really good Short story.
  4. Frozeninside

    V.C. Andrews

    So I'm reading the Landry series by V.C Andrews. I think I forgotten how much this writer was good at making characters that one could hate so much. Right now I'm only a few chapters into All That Glitters so I'm not having to see the characters I want to slap at the moment.
  5. Frozeninside

    Which Was the Last Book You Read in One Sitting?

    Last month I read From Dead to Worse in one sitting.
  6. Frozeninside

    Used Bookstores and your expections

    I love used bookstores. I live so close to 2 and they both have a good selection one more then other will have a better in certain areas. And well I usually get deals from both :D Although there are some used stores that I really wasn't a fan of, selection wasn't a problem it was the lay out...
  7. Frozeninside

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    A Taste of Midnight by Nina Bangs Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut
  8. Frozeninside

    How much reading time?

    I'm very happy I got about 3 hours or more in today.
  9. Frozeninside

    What was the very last series you read?

    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  10. Frozeninside

    What book should everyone read?

    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
  11. Frozeninside

    A New Romance board?

    Why yes it does :)
  12. Frozeninside

    The Smell Of Books

    I love the smell of books, it's one of my favorite scents. When going into the used book store the first thing I do is breath it all in.
  13. Frozeninside

    How much reading time?

    No I haven't
  14. Frozeninside

    How much reading time?

    Well yeah besides that. :p
  15. Frozeninside

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Aaron Zigman - I'll Be Seeing You
  16. Frozeninside

    How much reading time?

    My god I would love to read for that long straight, I can't remember the last time I read for that long.
  17. Frozeninside

    How much reading time?

    It really depends on how my day has been. I try to pick up my book everyday, I might not get to read for long periods of time every day but as long as I get sometime in I'm happy.
  18. Frozeninside

    What are you listening to Right now?

    The Clash - All the Young Punks
  19. Frozeninside

    movie poster book covers

    For me I'll wait to find the none movie cover book, with the exception of High Fidelity I don't mine looking at John Cusack :P
  20. Frozeninside

    A New Romance board?

    I voted yes :)