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    ‘I hate the smart ones, Leslie. They’re far harder to catch.’ A devious serial killer is wiping out criminals who have managed to get away with deplorable acts, leaving clues at the scenes of the crimes. Ophelia Hanson is a smart but tough Lieutenant of the Cranston Row Homicide Division in...
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    THE FIFTH BOOK IN THE JAMES SAGA What happens to a man when revenge becomes his whole life? The fifth book in The James Saga continues the tumultuous love affair between Lawrence James and Jasmine Thomas. After the betrayal of his true love, Jasmine Thomas, the head of the James Empire...
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    Do you ever reread your books?

    I very rarely re-read an entire book. It has to be a seriously good book or something which I originally missed in order for me to re-read it again. I do remember reading 'The Hymn' by Graham Masterton twice (outstanding novel) and er, 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. I think it was because the film...
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    A shy Newbie

    Hello MK Mancuso. Glad you are here. At the beginning, it was semi-busy. Unfortunately, it has recently been very quiet with very few people around. I did have some interaction with one person but he left. Since then, I've not been on this website all that often. Maybe, with the holiday season...
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    Betrayal of Love by Annette Austin - available at a reduced price for a limited time period

    Here is a little taster to whet your reading appetite. THE FOURTH BOOK IN THE JAMES SAGA When is it time to let go of true love? The fourth book in The James Saga is an engrossing tale of love and betrayal. It continues the tempestuous romance between Lawrence James and Jasmine Thomas, two...
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    Betrayal of Love by Annette Austin - available at a reduced price for a limited time period

    Hello everyone. My name is Annette Austin. My fourth novel, ‘Betrayal of Love’, is the fourth novel in The James Saga. The previous three novels that I have written, ‘The Fall of the House of James’, ‘Always A Slave’ and ‘A Slave’s Vow’, have obtained five-star reviews on Amazon. This novel...
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    To Blog or not to Blog

    Thank you. I'm not too keen on the font in the blog either.:eek: I do need some time to get the website looking to how I want it to be. It'll just take time to do so.
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    To Blog or not to Blog

    Hello. I've just taken a quick look at your website. It looks good. I keep meaning to put up a signup form on my website. It is on my to-do list. Here is the link to my website. https://www.annieaustin.com/
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    To Blog or not to Blog

    I'm not too keen on blogging, even though I have a website now. I have done four blog posts so far, and I intend to do more. For some reason, I am far more comfortable writing novels than when I am writing blogs. Perhaps, my mindset is wrong. I've read many great blog posts and those bloggers...
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    How do you read a book?

    I agree with most of the posts. I have difficulty reading a book when the tv is on. Usually, I switch it off or mute it so I can have complete silence. That way, I can give the book my full attention and not have to re-read sections which I've missed because I've been distracted by the...
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    Changing my perspective on Stephen King

    In answer to the original post, Stephen King's On Writing is a great read and I really enjoyed Misery. A rare time where the book is better than the film and the film is superb. Personally, I really enjoy Graham Masterton. Sometimes, he doesn't always get it right, but when he does his books are...
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    You favorite place to read?

    I tend to read in my bedroom. Nice and quiet. However, my favourite place to read is the park on a warm summer's day with a good book in my hand. Perfect.:)
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    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    Currently in San Francisco (I wish,) watching the main character's wife find solace in another man's arms.:oops:
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    I need advice on my writing...

    I would agree with some of the other posts here. The first two sentences were difficult to understand, but it is nothing a couple of re-writes won't sort out. Overall, it was good. As an author myself, it's hard to admit to yourself when you might need help so I admire you for doing so. Just...
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    Recently Finished

    I've just finished reading My Sister, The Serial Killer by Olayinka Braithwaite. Don't be put off by the title. It's a great book. Witty but disturbing in equal measure. The book is brilliant in the way it depicts what lengths a family member will go to save another family member.
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    How To Promote Your Book? Help? Tips, Advice, Thoughts!

    It was the Home Page. I've just checked it again and all the links on the Home Page are working now.
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    How To Promote Your Book? Help? Tips, Advice, Thoughts!

    I had a brief look at your website. I couldn't see all of it as it is password protected, but I did view your Book Trailer. I liked it and I read your bio, which is much more interesting than mine. I've already re-written mine because it was dull and I read somewhere that it should be written...
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    How To Promote Your Book? Help? Tips, Advice, Thoughts!

    Hello Leon. Thank you so much. You are so kind. I have decided which platform to create my website on and I have some instructions as to how to set up a website on that platform so I am hoping everything will go smoothly. If it doesn't, which is likely, I will come back and let you know. Thanks...
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    How To Promote Your Book? Help? Tips, Advice, Thoughts!

    Hello everyone. I have just been going through some of the posts. Some great advice. Thank you for the promo list, Stella. I have already bookmarked it. 235 different websites to promote your book. Never seen a list that big before but I will go through it. Promotion is the hardest thing for...