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    The Road

    They kept that scene:
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    Recommending a book like the Shannara Series

    You would probably like the Corean Chronicles
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    Terry Goodkind: Sword of Truth

    I thought the first three books, and the last set of three, were great. The middle three books lacked direction and purpose - you could tell Goodkind was writting it just because he was getting a paycheck from it and not out of passion for the story. I also have to agree that he has some...
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    Stephen King: Dreamcatcher

    Dreamcatcher is probably one of my favorite King novels. I don't know why exactly but I liked the 'internal dialogue' that happened. It showed a different side of the whole "OMG alien invasion" thing.
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    Hi :)

    I stumbled across the site through a link and as I'm an avid reader (mostly fantasy books) I thought I'd say hi.
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    The Road

    I haven't read the book but the movie was good ... I'm sure it is worth watching if you are fan of the book of a fan of this type of movie. I'm not easily disturbed but that movie haunted me for a while, I don't think the ending (of the movie) made up for that.