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  1. Gita V.Reddy

    Word Association

    Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. Gita V.Reddy

    Collusion - A short haiku

    I logged into BAR after a long spell, for some demeaning shameless self-promotion. The first post I saw was yours. It succintly described the political scene in India. While the prime minister keeps travelling all over the world and meeting country heads, the opposition accuses him of secret...
  3. Gita V.Reddy

    Short Story from New Release -Happiness is a Collage.

    Release Date: August 04, 2018 This collection of fifteen stories leads the reader into a world that is at once Indian and universal. The stories explore love, life, loss, and relationships. I'm sharing the first story. Given below is the opening paragraph and the google doc link to the...
  4. Gita V.Reddy

    Free Kids Books

    http://blog.freekidsbooks.org This is a great site for legit, free books for kids. It is also an opportunity for authors to share their work, for free, with children :) From their home page: “Free Kids Books is a growing library of unique children’s books and literary resources available for...
  5. Gita V.Reddy

    I like to keep it simple.

    I like to keep it simple.
  6. Gita V.Reddy

    A Tapestry of Tears: Short Stories from India

    A Tapestry of Tears : Short Stories from India This is a collection of a novelette and twelve short stories, bringing to life the varied culture and social spectrum of India. Click on the link below to browse through the book. https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B01MQ096H2 Formats available...
  7. Gita V.Reddy

    The Empress' New Gowns

    Sorry for the incorrect link in the earlier post. I've deleted it. Please click on one of these for The Empress' New Gowns. smashword: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/641566 barnes and noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-empress-new-gowns-gita-vreddy/1123892355 kobo...
  8. Gita V.Reddy

    The Empress' New Gowns

    Stifled and trodden upon far too long by her royal husband, the empress tries to get her own back after the wily tailors trick the emperor. This is a spin-off of the popular folk tale, The Emperor's New Clothes. It's free on smashwords, apple, barnes and noble, and kobo.
  9. Gita V.Reddy

    Knife and Fork is Free

    Knife and Fork is Free from 6/29/2016 to 7/01/2016. Bholu, a monkey, comes to the city looking for adventure. In a short time he learns city ways and when he returns to the forest, he continues with them. Knife and Fork is Bholu’s story and how he learns three important lessons: “Monkey ways...
  10. Gita V.Reddy

    *$20 Amazon Card CONTEST* - What inspired your love of reading?

    Stubborn pride, and books. I was the youngest, both in my family and in our circle of friends, and was always trying to keep pace with the older children. When I was six or seven, I wanted to read the book a twelve-year old was reading. He laughed and said I wouldn't understand it; I was too...
  11. Gita V.Reddy

    Dumped by Charles Dickens

    Catherine Dickens: Outside the Magic Circle Catherine was the wife of Charles Dickens and the mother of his ten children. After twenty-two years of marriage, Charles dumped her very publicly, accusing her of being an unfit mother and wife. Catherine was blameless; the truth was Charles'...
  12. Gita V.Reddy

    Adolescent and Sovereign

    So how is this world different from the present one? You have young, qualified people leading men and women older than their parents, who are less qualified. An old nurse may report to a young doctor but then she may also report to an aged doctor. What has age got to do with it? We have enough...
  13. Gita V.Reddy

    The Unicycle and Other Stories

    The Unicycle and Other Stories is a collection of six stories for readers from 9 to any age. The e book is free in apple store and on smashwords up to March 31, 2015. I hope you will read it and give me your feedback. Thank you. Links: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/435891...
  14. Gita V.Reddy

    Suggestions: February - June 2015

    Anti-aging creams, muscle- building marvels, served up in gibberish…..I confess I feel a little better about peddling my books.
  15. Gita V.Reddy

    Is divorce the answer?

    Thanks for reading and giving feedback.
  16. Gita V.Reddy

    Is divorce the answer?

    You are absolutely right, that is the effect. And that is how it usually is. The people involved take up stances, lay claims to house / child / dog / last bent spoon in the pantry. "Mine!" "I will fight for it!" They create a din and shut out the voice that says, "My marriage! I will fight for...
  17. Gita V.Reddy

    Is divorce the answer?

    Divya's reaction is typical of a woman / man who fears the other half will end the marriage. She starts protecting herself at all levels; emotionally she shuts off Raj, financially, she gets a job, and in a bid to stick to her self respect, she rejects alimony. She does not fight for the...
  18. Gita V.Reddy

    Is divorce the answer?

    Final Part I will not consent and neither should you http://www.wattpad.com/mystories?compose=true&id=99970234 Thank you for reading.
  19. Gita V.Reddy

    Is divorce the answer?

    Mid life crisis (I think) is a convenient label we use for the actions we want to disown.:D
  20. Gita V.Reddy

    Is divorce the answer?

    Part IV She waited, holding on to her anger http://www.wattpad.com/97885783-never-ever-she-waited-holding-on-to-her-anger?d=ud