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Search results

  1. denny

    Where were you on 9-11?

    I was at home but I didn't have either the TV or the radio on. I'd only lived in the US for about 6 months. My neighbour called me and told me what was happening so I switched on the TV. I remember just sitting down on the floor, totally stunned. It's one of those news stories that I'll...
  2. denny

    what books made you cry?

    I've just finished 'Marley & me: life and love with the world's worst dog' by John Grogan. This is a real tear-jerker for any dog lover.
  3. denny

    Suspense/Thriller novels written by women?

    You might also want to try Ann Rule if you want a bit of a heavier read.
  4. denny

    Authors Like Lisa Gardner???

    You might both like to try Lisa Jackson, and Keith Ablow!
  5. denny

    Looking for a new series/author

    I'd suggest you try Kay Hooper. Her books are about a special FBI unit of psychic agents. I love Iris Johanssen's books too. Some others you might like to try are Alex Kava, Tess Gerritsen and Karen Rose.
  6. denny

    Serial killer novels?

    Have you ever tried anything by Ann Rule? Here's a link to her website: http://www.annrules.com/
  7. denny

    Do You Have An Online (public) Photo Album?

    Yes, I do. Mine is www.britokies.piczo.com
  8. denny

    How Many Languages Do You Know and Use?

    I'm fluent in French, and speak a little German. I did start to learn some Italian before I left England, but I've decided that Spanish would be more useful here in the US, so I plan on taking that up soon.
  9. denny

    Do you listen while you read???

    I find it strange that so many people find it hard to read or study whilst listening to music. When I was at uni, one of the tutors recommended that we use music as a learning aid. For example, we had to learn a poem in French. We were listen to the poem at the same time as listening to a...
  10. denny

    Do you listen while you read???

    I listen to music whilst doing almost everything. I have the TV tuned to VH1 country all night long. If we have a power failure during the night and the music stops, I instantly wake up.
  11. denny

    Everyones favorite types of music!??!

    Each to their own I suppose! I love country music. I quite like southern rock, dislike heavy rock, and can't abide rap!
  12. denny

    Who else thinks Formula 1 is a scam?

    I think the only way they could level the playing field is to give each of the teams a budget. It would certainly be nice to see a Formula 1 race again, instead of just a parade.
  13. denny

    Dan Brown

    I finally got around to reading 'The Da Vinci Code' this month. The book had been highly recommended to me by several people. In addition, due to the controversy about it on TBF, I felt obliged to read it just to see what all the fuss (both negative and positive) was all about. I must...
  14. denny

    Mapping your favourite authors

    Thanks for the link. I tried it with a few of my favorite authors, and a lot of my favorites were well grouped together. There were a few I haven't tried though, so that should keep me busy for a while. It looks like a very helpful site. Thanks!
  15. denny

    What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

    Well, when I lived in England it was a necessity, but now that I live in a 'dry' county in Oklahoma :eek: it's a guilty pleasure :D
  16. denny

    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    Slow burn - T G Sheppard
  17. denny

    What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

    Dunking chocolate chip cookies in my coffee (I would never have DARED to do that when I was living with my parents!) Having my cat cuddle up next to me in bed while I read Having a glass of wine and a dip in the pool on hot days Being the first in a newly changed bed
  18. denny

    If you could be anywhere...

    Oh, DO save a seat for me! And, while you're at it, an espresso would be great! I'm on my way!!!! I SO miss France now that I've moved to the US; it's just not quite so simple to pop over there for long weekends any more :(
  19. denny

    April 2006 Reads

    The Architect - Keith Ablow The hunt - Allison Brennan The prey - Allison Brennan Darkest fear - Harlan Coben Gone for good - Harlan Coben Gone - Lisa Gardner Darkly dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay A child called 'it' - Dave Pelzer The lost boy - Dave Pelzer Nothing to fear - Karen Rose...
  20. denny

    Books you'd never let your kids read....

    I certainly wouldn't be happy to find a child of mine reading 'A child called it'. My son is 25 now, and I still wouldn't be happy to find him reading it!