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    Pamela Anderson & her KFC boycott

    If God wanted us to be vegetarians he wouldn't have made animals out of meat. Yeah. Home is good. That way if you find a hair in it you know its probably yours. Regarding Pamela: Why plant Lisianthus when you can have a Rose? Organic is better! Regarding KFC: Aren't those chicken...
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    searching fo a good sci-fi book

    Theres a heckuva good Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum here. Give it a whirl.
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    Is Motokid an annoying ass?

    I hate to admit it but this got a chuckle. :D Good description.
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    Is Motokid an annoying ass?

    I don't know about the annoying part...perhaps ass IS too strong a word. Hmmm...It does seem you write a bunch of topics that most folks wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole--but once there there, well you just can't resist. *shrug Its kinda like anything else on the Internet, you...
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    Who likes Star Wars?

    I had to google it, but I've seen some of that guys movies. Back when I was a kid one of the local stations would play old Godzilla movies, SF classics and every now and then they'd slip in a fighter--swords and martial arts, etc. I can't remember much about his acting but the sword play would...
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    Who likes Star Wars?

    Thats like saying supernovas are hotter than zippos. Not only was he an acting god compared to the rest of the cast, he was apparently the only one who kept them going during their difficult on site shoots. We may not even have Star Wars without Alec Guiness.
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    Who likes Star Wars?

    Mark Hamil (Luke)? I think Harrison Ford was the only one with any acting credits to his name at all at that point. The other two--as well as most of the rest of the cast--were unknowns. So yeah they'd have done it--Ewoks and all. I guess Jawa's were bad enough.
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    Who likes Star Wars?

    Er, have you actually watched the original three lately? Especially some of that insipid dialog in Return of the Jedi? *shudder I think the dialog is just in there because you kind of expect that in a movie but its really just a vehicle for the special effects. And believe it or not I...
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    Who likes Star Wars?

    I've been hooked since the very first time I saw Star Wars in the theater. I, II, and III can only be watched and enjoyed by true Star Wars Geeks because thats the only way you can gloss over the bad acting. But its not about the acting. Duh!
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    SF vs Sci-Fi

    Heinlein snubbed the term Science Fiction calling his writing Speculative Fiction. I've always wondered why that never caught on.
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    Sci-Fi in Schools?

    I read voraciously through high-school and junior high. I can't even list all the titles--hundreds of them. I would check out at least two or three a day. Not only did it expand my vocabulary but retention and comprehension too. It helped all my grades and...ta da! When it came time to read...
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    How many books have you read in 2005?

    About ten new books and eight or nine rereads. Coyote by Alan Steele was probably the best newly published book I read (Sci Fi). All of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series was new to me. Re-reads were mostly Heinlein. There are a few non-fiction books in there too.
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    Jean M. Auel

    These aren't my favorites but every now and again there's a surprise in there. These are pretty good reads...If I was going on a trans-oceanic flight and needed a good long read, I might take one of these--or probably the first two or three--if there was no other choice. It would be iffy. I...
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    this is not a thread

    This is not a post that says that was just about the dumbest thing I ever read the first line of and thought "WTF--Is this a ridiculous waste of space or what?"
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    Robert Heinlein

    The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is one of my favorites. I like Friday too--its a good story. A Door Into Summer rounds out my top three. I read those just about every year. Most of his Lazarus Long stuff is good but sometimes you just wish the guy would get his butt kicked or something you...
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    Greetings! Random...hmm, are we talking Zelazny or mathematics?
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    Beer! (Split from National Stereotypes)

    I don't drink much anymore, but back in the 90's they had all those micro-breweries popping up with their porters. Good stuff. I don't know how it stacks up to what you'd get in the UK but its great.
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    Need a little help on grammar

    Sounds like it would be easier to work some of that into the context then say: What happens when they decide to take a break? Or: They're going to take a break. What happens then? If you've been talking about them or those bitches or whatever pronoun you're using the reader will pick up...
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    Book News

    Just out of curiosity how often is regularly? Whenever we find something cool and bookish regular or every second Tuesday regular?
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    Only in America... :-D

    So who actually defines what is eccentric in jolly old England? If its the same folks as over here then its whoever's in the clique saying whoever's not is freaky. Look at that eccentric bastard over there. He's not even logged onto The Book Forum! :D