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  1. Q

    Comparison of Traditional Publishing to Print-on-Demand

    I keep trying to stay out of this thread, as I have some issues with the information obarz presented. Some of it is in conflict with what I know of POD. So, let me address one recent comment: some POD is geared toward e-books. Again, the publishing house I worked for published some books on...
  2. Q

    Oh Happy Day!

    For me, the words "book" and "budget" do not go together. I had to buy some books for school through Amazon, so of course, besides the texts for class, I got several others. I do, however, buy used books whenever I can, and will always look on half.com, ebay, and the Amazon marketplace for...
  3. Q

    Favourite Poems

    Deerskin, that's a wonderful poem. My favorite poem is probably Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken." I learned it and love it as a child but came to appreciate it more fully as an adult. Now, as I've studied poetry, dozens of favorite poems spring to mind. One that has the most meaning...
  4. Q

    Library sales

    Gosh, I had to re-read as a child. My sisters and parents took me to the library a couple of times a week and bought me tons of books and I still ran out. I remember my mother once looking at a book I wanted her to buy me and saying, "It's too thin. You'll be through it before we get home." Now...
  5. Q

    Underlining: Addition or Subtraction

    I became a big fan of underlining (and glossing) when a professor of mine banned highlighting. I found both made me a more active reader. I would never underline in a book that wasn't mine and don't like books with any marks in them. My sister used to give me back any books I lent her...
  6. Q

    Interview with the Vampire

    My favorite part of the movie "Interview with the Vampire" was the Guns N Roses (I think) version of "Sympathy for the Devil" that played at the end. Yeah, I didn't like the movie much. It wasn't a horrible adaptation, but the casting was off. I've never been a Tom Cruise fan and he didn't...
  7. Q

    Currently Reading

    Another fan of both Alice Hoffman and "The Lovely Bones." I recently read Sebold's "Lucky" as well. Today I started and will finish "Ella Minnow Pea." I can't even describe this book (which the jacket calls "a progressively lipogrammatical epistolary fable). It's a fast, deceptively simple...
  8. Q

    Comparison of Traditional Publishing to Print-on-Demand

    Interesting. I just wanted to point out to those previously unfamiliar with POD that it isn't limited to the definition Otto presents (see slide 19). Not all works that are POD are submitted by the author with payment for printing. I worked for a publisher of scientific books and journals...
  9. Q

    What do you use as a bookmark?

    I never dogear. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I keep a variety of bookmarks on my desk and often choose one that "fits" the book I'm reading. Some bookmarks are storebought, usually from friends. But I also might use a length of ribbon or a laminated ticket stub from a favorite...
  10. Q

    has there been any movie that was......

    I vaguely remember thinking that the movie "Field of Dreams" was better than the book "Shoeless Joe." It might have been the presence of Kevin Costner, though. It's actually one of my favorite movies of all time. I can think of a few movies that, while not better than the books, made me...
  11. Q

    To start things off: Favorite books

    My favorite childhood book was “Little Women.” I used to read it once a year or so. I actually got teary-eyed standing by Louisa May Alcott’s desk (where she wrote it) in her home in Concord. I love a lot of the children’s classics, but I lived for Anne of Green Gables and Trixie Belden books. I...
  12. Q

    Mary Doria Russell

    Dawn, thank you for answering. I'll make sure to read "Children of God" and I'll be happy to come share my thoughts. At the time I read "The Sparrow," I was in an online book chat (long since disbanded) and it was nice to have a place to talk about it!
  13. Q

    Currently Reading

    Witchchild, it's T.H. White. I still have the copy I read when I was eleven. I loved it.
  14. Q

    Which magazines do you read?

    I subscribe to "Poets and Writers." My mother-in-law sends me all her old decorating and architecture magazines, which I love. Now that we've bought a house again after a few months in an apartment, I'll probably start getting some decorating magazines.
  15. Q

    Mary Doria Russell

    I read "The Sparrow" years ago and was blown away. I rarely read Sci-Fi, not because I don't like it; I just don't seem to seek it out. "Children of God" slipped by me but I seem to remember a friend telling me he was disappointed in it. How does it compare to "The Sparrow?"
  16. Q

    Currently Reading

    I'm reading "Dogs Bark, but the Caravan Rolls On: Observations Then and Now" by Frank Conroy, which is a collection of essays and "Child of my Heart" by Alice McDermott. I almost put the McDermott down because I smell tear-jerker and am not in that kind of mood, but she's doing a reading here...
  17. Q

    What do you do with a book you've read?

    I've always donated books I didn't think I'd read again, but still had way too many books--if there is such a thing. When we moved from Florida to Boston my husband and I weeded tons out. I donated most to the local library after letting friends come in and take what they wanted. The movers, who...
  18. Q

    Yet another newbie!

    Hi, all. I'm so glad to have found this forum. I got here through Google when I was searching for book review sites. I'm an MFA in Creative Writing student and have just relocated from the South to the Northeast. I take full blame for having brought on the worst winter in twenty-five years...