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  1. mrkgnao

    Jasper Fforde -cool stuff!

    The Big Over Easy is actually part of the spin-off series "Nursery crime" (starring police officers Jack Spratt and Mary Mary)... here's the lists: The Thursday Next books: The Eyre affair Lost in a good book The well of lost plots Something rotten First among sequels (July 2007 :D :D :D...
  2. mrkgnao

    Nick Mamatas: Move Under Ground

    Another review In the 1950s, America belonged to Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and William S. Burroughs. In the 1960s, it’s been taken over by soulless, mindless squares. Them, and/or the beetleman minions of Dread Cthulhu, awake now to devour the world. Interpretation open. “The more straitlaced...
  3. mrkgnao

    Thomas Pynchon

    And then I went to the cinema and saw The prestige - and Pynchon really should go see it, if he hasn't already... Not only does it have bilocation and doubles and optical illusions coming from all sides, it even has Nikola Tesla conducting experiments with electricity in Colorado... :rolleyes...
  4. mrkgnao

    Do you like to write with background noise, or in complete silence?

    When I'm writing outdoors, I want (and don't get :p ) silence from humans, but noise from nature is very OK. When indoors, I definitely want music. With or without lyrics. I like the way it can inspire and give unexpected ideas, abstractly or concretely. The Mozart Effect, perhaps? If it is...
  5. mrkgnao

    Jack Kerouac

    And how's it going with Pynchon? :p
  6. mrkgnao

    Jack Kerouac

    Dove into this thread for another reason and had to find out about the movie. According to IMDb it's now due for 2009, development status unknown... :( On the other hand: a movie?! Eh?! Wanna make a movie out of Ulysses too? (And they've done that and all. :o ) The writing's in the writing...
  7. mrkgnao

    How do you find the time?

    Contrary to popular misconceptions, unfortunately librarians and booksellers don't spend their entire days reading books... :( :p I wish!!! Myself, I have a total of an hour's tram travel every day in which to read, and also the lunch break. Maybe not evenings so much, but weekends! (vide...
  8. mrkgnao

    Do you like to read with background noise, or need complete silence?

    I'd prefer total silence. That, or just the wind in the trees... *sigh* Much too sound sensitive I guess. But, failing that most of the time, I'm very happy to have gotten an MP3-player for Christmas. :D At least now when others' sound systems (on the tram above all) are too oppressing, I can...
  9. mrkgnao

    Rob Thurman

    OK, after Pink I also read and loooved Nightlife, and it's highly recommended to anyone who wants fast-action witty fantasy with a bitter punk hero, but now the news is there's an excerpt available for book two: http://www.robthurman.net/moonshineexcerpt.htm And really, what's scarier than...
  10. mrkgnao

    Thomas Pynchon

    Thank you! :) And now I'm really going to have to find The crying of lot 49, last of everyone it seems... it's easy to get in Swedish but, especially after reading ATD, the idea of reading Pynchon in translation seems like picking your nose while wearing boxing gloves :rolleyes: *mrkgnao*
  11. mrkgnao

    The Evil "Wish" Game

    Granted, but all the surfaces are now teflon. (King Midas revisited) I wish I had another job.
  12. mrkgnao

    Inspiration vs. Stealing a Story

    Depends entirely on what you do with it, doesn't it? James Joyce and Eyvind Johnson stole completely and unashamedly from Homer, but did something all their own, just to take an example. "Talent borrows, genius steals." So you've got to ask yourself one question: punk, do ya feel like a genius...
  13. mrkgnao

    Would You Rather..

    Hope my cat doesn't kill me, but I would rather own ("own") a dachshund... it's a deconstruction of the question... Would you rather be mute or deaf?
  14. mrkgnao

    2006 - Best Reads

    Ha ha! (Let the reader beware.) *mrkgnao*
  15. mrkgnao

    Thomas Pynchon

    The scary review Warning: contains spoilage. Light displays all the properties of being made of both particles and waves. So does this book. There are a lot of particular characters, stories and maybe even plots, but they move like waves, floating in and out of each other and themselves...
  16. mrkgnao

    2006 - Best Reads

    I'm working on one... not the easiest book to review... :rolleyes:
  17. mrkgnao

    Question Game

    (To the right) An oil painting of a weathered old house in autumn foothills (To the left) Clothes cupboards... with white doors, and therefore with sticky-taped nature photos on them Snow or rain?
  18. mrkgnao

    2006 - Best Reads

    First positive surprise of the year: John Fowles: The Magus (actually good and challenging in spite of cult hype. Who’d have thunk?) Light on dark coast of the year: Jeanette Winterson: Lighthousekeeping (she’s wonderful.) Historical novel of the year #1: Luther Blissett: Q (protest!antism)...
  19. mrkgnao

    Thomas Pynchon

    Finished ATD, am digesting Well, that certainly did rock. Also did mineral a bit. Also it waltzed, and there were some two-steps and cakewalks and such. And – a Pynchon novel with heroes?! :eek: , that is, not anti- !? I’m a little concerned because anything I say could be a spoiler, not of...
  20. mrkgnao

    Harry Potter Seventh Book Pre-Sales Speculations and Discussions

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows ... will be the title of book seven. No publication date yet. http://www.bloomsbury.com/harrypotter/ *mrkgnao*