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Search results

  1. Ms.

    The "Ctrl+V" Game

    http://www.sendspace.com/uploaddone.html?i=522161c3e2848d17a7841221f8852641&l=yvrxmq http://www.sendspace.com/uploaddone.html?i=a9831cec34ae9b49a6b22b72c60f9739&l=h4xqzj still in my history
  2. Ms.

    More Good, Random Fun

    i want chocolate cake
  3. Ms.

    The Book Depository

    great site! i find www.play.com to be good too with free postage
  4. Ms.


    I enjoyed Babel, i disliked the mexican story and the general political undertones (yawn) but the japanese story was fantastic (it could have been a film in itself). Babel was slow moving but was in keeping with his previous films. I thought crash was terrible, a worked up tv movie on a...
  5. Ms.

    Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master And Margarita

    No one has yet mentioned the nods to Faust within the text, such a Margarita and the German Gretchen and the cute little nod of the poodle headed walking stick in the opening chapter. I read the Master and the Margarita about a month ago and on recommendation followed it with Faust soon after...
  6. Ms.

    Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

    The film is not as tightly structured as Anchorman but i overall enjoyed it alot more. One of the funniest films i've watched this year 'I'll save my friend from the invisible fire' and the interview scene with his hands! the only time in recent memory where i'll buy it day it's released on dvd.
  7. Ms.

    Secret Santa 06?

    I'd like to be in
  8. Ms.

    October Reads

    The Defense - Nabokov Diary of a young girl - Anne Frank The Enchanter - Nabokov Pnin - Nabokov The Pearl - Steinbeck One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch - Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn Cats Cradle - Kurt Vonnegurt
  9. Ms.

    last/next concert ?

    Oh i saw public enemy last night! it was wonderful and dreadful all in the one gig someone should shoot flava
  10. Ms.

    last/next concert ?

    I'm going to see the dears on oct 14 and two gallants/cold war kids in paris on nov 22
  11. Ms.

    Vladimir Nabokov

    Indeed there is and by all accounts it is woeful albeit i cannot vouch for these opinions having not seen it. There is also a a tv movie of a Cornell lecture which is meant to be very good but again i have not seen it. I apologise for my complete absence from any Nabokov discussion, 56k...
  12. Ms.


    A book trading site based upon a point system, you can search for books you'd like or create a wishlist. To add a book you're willing to give away you type in the isbn number of the book and it finds it on Amazon. www.bookmooch.com
  13. Ms.


    Oh god 'Out of Gas' was truly wonderful The way it was structured and just the intro of Mal hitting the floor <3 <3 and of course my beloved Kaylee in the engine room
  14. Ms.

    Favorite passages

    ''Could this have been love? Grant it to be one form of love, for even though at first glance it seemed to retain its pristine form forever, simply repeating that form over and over again, it too had its own unique sort of debasement and decay. And it was a debasement more evil that that of any...
  15. Ms.

    Where is your favorite place to read?

    Under the shade of a tree in a park on a sunny day, I also love reading on the train early on a Saturday morning or late into the night in bed.
  16. Ms.

    last/next concert ?

    Deerhoof - 23rd August :cool:
  17. Ms.

    Which was the very first rock concert you ever went to?

    Smashing Pumpkins, Glasgow Oct 30th 2000
  18. Ms.

    best concert

    Aw man bss at a festival is a no no :( but i hope you enjoy them anyhow,i get to see them in cardiff <3
  19. Ms.

    last/next concert ?

    Joan as policewoman Camera Obscura Broken Social Scene Maybe..... Tapes 'n' Tapes iForward Russia!//Wolfmother
  20. Ms.

    Vladimir Nabokov

    My dear people i do apologise for not contributing to the sebastian knight thread or anything in general, I'm usually online in net cafe which isn't the most enjoyable place to post from i'll try and rectify it in the near future. On a another note i bought Lolita Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1997...