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  1. technokitty

    Attending the theatre-do you?

    same here, I wish I lived in NYC or somewhere else. I miss watching ballet, I used to go when I was little with my mom and grandma :(
  2. technokitty

    Happy Birthday technokitty!

    OMG thanks guys!!!! you're all too cool I'm turning 30, I feel so old! :p :( :D
  3. technokitty


    lol well if you wan't to get technical Dakota Fanning also makes good money and she's younger...and how about those Olsen twins? (when they were kids) ;) I guess it all depends on talent or luck or both :p
  4. technokitty

    Who are your favorite mystery writers?

    Agatha Christie all the way! :p
  5. technokitty

    Hello . I'm new

    welcome! I'm new myself:p
  6. technokitty


    my one problem is Eragon isn't supposed to be blond...so why this guy? :confused: unless they plan to die his hair lol :p
  7. technokitty

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Shigeru Umebayashi - Polonaise sounds so romantic! :p
  8. technokitty

    Why do boys hate reading?

    I'd think it's because on average it seems guys like doing something like building models etc (getting their hands dirty so to speak) and girls are more likely to sit and read, write etc now of course there are plenty of exceptions but I'd guess that's why the majority flows that way :)
  9. technokitty

    art? what's your favorite?

    I'm not a fan of anything modern, well most anything past the last century lol anyways two that come to mind now are Kano Motonobu and Qi Baishi but I do love a lot of ancient art from around the world also as well as a few of the Renaissance artists oh and since islamic, japanese...
  10. technokitty


    ya since like 2004 or something they said something about it, I dunno it was a long time ago lol I hope they do Eldest too :p
  11. technokitty

    recomend and review asian movies

    hey thanks! well Infernal Affair 2 & 3 are ok for me. I have the special collectors dvd with the cards, books etc...very cool! all the movies here I like, as far as faves well Infernal Affairs, Devdas, K3G, and The Eye are among my faves but my list of faves is so long I figure I just...
  12. technokitty

    recomend and review asian movies

    I should have added this at the to but oh well lol guide to watching asian movies: chinese/japanese/korean 1.get used to the idea that plenty of times the hero is killed, along with most anyone else that's important. in asia they don't care, they will kill anyone in a movie lol 2.be...
  13. technokitty

    What are you listening to Right now?

    I don't doubt it, so many bands have so many weird names hehehe Anna Vissi - Den Me Agapas
  14. technokitty

    What are you listening to Right now?

    lol! ok I thought it was some new band :p Kaal - Tauba Tauba
  15. technokitty

    What are you listening to Right now?

    is that some kind of band? I'm lost :confused: well I tend to be lost a lot lol now playing: Nawal Al Zoughby - Eineik Kaddabin iPod shuffle lol:p
  16. technokitty

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Rammstein - Engel (live)
  17. technokitty

    need help...my craving of the moment lol

    ohhh thanks! I'm adding this one to the list :)
  18. technokitty

    Happy Birthday direstraits!

    another one I don't know but Happy Birthday anyways!!! :p
  19. technokitty

    Happy Birthday RaVeN!

    oh!!! ok I don't know you but Happy Birthday! :p
  20. technokitty

    Need Help 2 Select A Good Manga!!!

    how could I forget? Magic Knights Rayearth Urusei Yatsura Esaflowne Neon Genesis Evangelion Ranma1/2 X Vampire Princess Miyu Fushigi Yuugi Chobits Great Teacher Onizuka Ah! Megasami Clover D.N.Angel .hack Hellsing RG Veda