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Search results

  1. Dogmatix

    Voting-March 2009 Book of the Month

    I voted The Known World. I've been wanting to read that for some time.
  2. Dogmatix

    Bram Stoker: Dracula

    Nice commentary Syb. I also loved this book.
  3. Dogmatix

    Google and books

    Google is an amazing tool. One must use it wisely though. There's some crappy info out there.
  4. Dogmatix

    December 2008: Vladimir Nabokov: Speak, Memory

    Enriching us- no doubt. Nabokov is one of those rare authors that can pull off such vocabulary "derring do". I generally look them up.
  5. Dogmatix

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Cider House Rules - John Irving The City of Dreaming Books - Walter Moers They were Xmas gifts
  6. Dogmatix

    Charles Dickens

    Bleak House is also my favorite Dickens. Completely absorbing.
  7. Dogmatix

    December 2008: Vladimir Nabokov: Speak, Memory

    This was my first Nabokov. I read it about 2-3 years ago. I found it to be such an amazing book. When it was recommended to me I thought, "Why would I want to read an autobiography of an author I know nothing about?" But, as I've seen confirmed in this thread, the writing is so equisite you...
  8. Dogmatix

    The Da Vinci Code V.S. Angels and Demons

    Ditto. If you "like" TDVC and want something written a hell of a lot better give it a shot. Ecco is a great author, one of my favorites. And yes the ending. It's a nut cracker for sure!
  9. Dogmatix

    Young Adult Fiction Suggestions

    Susan Cooper's - The Dark is Rising series. Older but classics.
  10. Dogmatix

    AWESOME site QUIZ's

  11. Dogmatix

    SIRIUS/XM Book Radio Channel

    Scott my subscription to Sirius just expired a couple of months ago, but now I guess I'll need to renew. Had no idea they had added a Book Channel
  12. Dogmatix

    The demise of Borders bookstore

    I've always struggled with the seemingly random way in which Border's stores are arranged. I can never find anything. In contrast B&N is much more "user friendly"
  13. Dogmatix

    Pauline Reage: The Story Of O

    I found this book titillating:whistling:
  14. Dogmatix

    Vladimir Nabokov: Pale Fire

    I've always found this book to be a maddening combination of intimidating and incredibly seductive. It's been sitting on my shelves for a long time. I guess I finaly need to pick it up and crack it's spine.
  15. Dogmatix

    Jeanette Winterson: Sexing the Cherry

    Syb you've peaked my interest! It's on my Xmas list right now! Thanks for the great review.
  16. Dogmatix

    Happy Birthday Litany

    Happy happy!!!!! I see I'm back just in time.
  17. Dogmatix

    Back from Maternity leave

    Hi everyone. I'm back!(Morgan and Sofie) The twins are 8 months old yesteday and I'm finally able to actually pick up a book and read. Missed everyone!
  18. Dogmatix

    Candidate flaws

    Edwards is an idiot. I'll take Hillary any way I can get her but I just don't see it happening.