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Search results

  1. J

    Currently Reading

    The World According to Garp -John Irving The Cave - Jose Saramago
  2. J

    Dumb Warning Labels

    Well this is a warning label of sorts I saw in China on a holy mountain called Hau Shan. Now this sign was at the peak of 3000m at the edge of the cliff, it read ..."don't jump" .
  3. J

    Horrible characters

    I truly disliked the character of Cristopher Banks in 'When We Were Orphans' by Kazuo Ishiguro, this man irritated me so much that I had to force myself to finish the book.
  4. J

    Now, for all the ladies...best romantic movie

    Blade I must agree Last of The Mohicans was a tearjerker, another favourite of mine is Much Ado About Nothing.
  5. J

    José Saramago: Blindness

    Thankyou J-D, sounds like a long browse through the pages in the book store will be in order. I think what scares me the most in this story is that it is so easy to put yourself in the situation. The fear doesn't come from some unimaginable monster or creature but from losing something most of...
  6. J

    Choosing the next book

    I am a browser, I love going to the book store and spending a couple hours looking. Friends recs.do influence me and I also get caught pilfering friends bookshelves...they pilfer mine as well so all is fair!
  7. J

    Suggestion: tell us where you're from

    To Vicky the one thing I love about where I live is that it is China, it's different, it challenges me and makes me realize how great Canada is! Guangzhou is not the nicest city in this country....by far, but it is close to Hong Kong and Macau and the people are great and the shopping is second...
  8. J

    food anyone?

    oh I love icecream vans they make me feel like a kid again. They didn't come to my neighbourhood that often so I didn't get a chance to build up a dislike to the noise, it was always a special treat. I have recently discovered another favourite cuisine, macaunese, from Macau, it is this really...
  9. J

    Oldest book you own?

    my oldest is my copy of Jane Eyre that is a big hard copy covered in cloth and was published in the 20's....can't recall exact date...
  10. J

    food anyone?

    OK if its about icecream, Legends- double chocolate brownie delight....perfect comfort food! Now my favourute meal food is Thai, I love the perfect combination of spices that make the food warm , but not hot, enhancing the ingredients so you seem to taste each one and each mouthful brings you a...
  11. J

    What fiction book do you keep reading over and over?

    I do not read many books over and over again, as I am always finding new ones that grab my attention. The one book that always sits in by bedside table and that I pick up to read often, is Jane Eyre. I don't always read all of it but I will work my way through it a couple times a year. The...
  12. J

    Selling your books

    When I left home for this journey I gave all my favourite books to a close friend for safe keeping and gave away books that I did not particularly enjoy or had no sentimental attachment to. While I travel I find it very hard to give up books I have read and enjoyed for the sake of a lighter...
  13. J

    Hardback or Paperback

    I like to buy hardbacks and at home my cheap source is the Book Warehouse. I prefer hardbacks as they look better on the shelf and survive the friend borrowing circle longer.
  14. J

    Currently Reading

    "Red Poppies" by Alia....about a royal Tibetan family before the 'liberation' of Tibet by China. Only about 5 pages in so not sure if it recommendable but so far so good.
  15. J

    Book Titles A-Z

    the Lover- Marguerite Duras
  16. J

    José Saramago: Blindness

    I am curious to hear other peoples views on this book. I found this story of "the white blindness" enthralling. People were stripped down to there most basic human instincts, equalized by this unknown plague. I enjoyed the feeling of blindness the author gave to the reader by keeping the...
  17. J

    Alice Sebold: The Lovely Bones *spoilers*

    I heard about Lovely Bones last year ( or very early this year?) on a CBC book discussion and have wanted to read it since. Now that you all have backed up the opinions I heard it is def. on the top of my reading list for when I get home.
  18. J

    5 Favourite Books

    My 5 fav. books are, not in any order, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte...it fills my need for a romance, plus has the crazy wife in the attic! The Red Tent by Anita Diamant Blindness by Jose Saramago A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry Memoirs of A Geisha by Arthur Golden Now that I have...
  19. J

    this movie any good?

    OK so I have seen the film adaptation of Of Mice And Men and I don't remember being overly impressed I preferred the book, as I do most of time. I also saw a opera based on the book by the Vancouver Opera, it was umm, interesting. I am not a big opera fan to begin with and seeing Lennie belt it...
  20. J

    Books of your childhood

    Reading all your first books has brought back so many great memories! Thankyou. I started reading a little late in life but once I got started I couldn't read enough. My favourite book is Charlottes Web, I think mostly because it was the first book I truly undertook to read myself and didn't...