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Search results

  1. Miss Shelf

    Bobbie Jo? Bonnie Fay? Disaster Queen? Help?

    easy-I looked for Bobbie Fay on Google and came up with the author, Toni McGee Causey. I hope you've found i=out yourself by now, too late for the trip!
  2. Miss Shelf

    Maggie O'Farrell

    I just finished reading "After You'd Gone" and I can't figure out the ending- It's driving me nuts!
  3. Miss Shelf

    Louise Penny

    Has anyone else discovered this author? She writes the Inspector Gamache mysteries, set in Canada. I find them very good-probably in the "cozy" category but I like the way her characters are drawn.
  4. Miss Shelf

    Pirating eBooks

    I just looked at it again, and he didn't toss it aside; he uses the light to illuminate the hardcover book. Clever.
  5. Miss Shelf

    Pirating eBooks

    I have a Sunday cartoon in color cut out from the funnies page and taped to my wall, it's an Opus comic by Berkeley Breathed, dated 12-30-07, where Opus is given a e-book reader, starts to read "To Kill a Mockingbird" on it, and tosses it aside in favor of curling up with the actual book. Priceless.
  6. Miss Shelf

    Jodi Picoult: Change Of Heart

    I like Picoult, and grabbed this one at the library as soon as it became available, without seeing what it was about. I read about 100 pages and then looked to the end to see if it turned out like I thought it would. I was disappointed, and felt that Picoult is using her fiction to promote her...
  7. Miss Shelf

    My Operation:The Sleeve Gastrectomy

    Good luck with the operation. It takes a brave person to do it-any surgery is scary, but I'm sure you'll come through just fine and show us it was worth it.
  8. Miss Shelf

    Kate Atkinson

    You are, of course, are entitled to your opinion. Just what about it didn't you like?
  9. Miss Shelf

    Kate Atkinson

    I finished Case Histories and it was one of the best books I've ever read. That's saying a lot, because I'm really persnickety about the books I read and rarely find one that sticks in my memory.
  10. Miss Shelf

    Any recomendations for psychological thrillers?

    for psychological thrillers, Minette Walters is the best I've read.
  11. Miss Shelf

    Kate Atkinson

    "magic realism"?? This isn't fantasy fiction. No, I'd say her characters are ordinary people who sometimes have extraordinary reactions to things happening in their lives. I'd recommend anything she wrote. I started Case Histories and beer good was right, you're in for a treat there. I...
  12. Miss Shelf

    Kate Atkinson

    I'd say "quirky" but that sounds trite. I'd say "unique". I hesitate to compare any author's writing to another, because every author is different. This isn't a fluff-read author; she makes one think, because the plots are liable to take a sudden turn the reader isn't expecting. I have high...
  13. Miss Shelf

    Kate Atkinson

    I've recently started reading all of this author's works (that I can find.) Has anyone else read her books, and what do you think? So far I've read: One Good Turn, Human Croquet, and Behind the Scenes at the Museum, and liked all of them. I found Emotionally Weird too tedious and didn't...
  14. Miss Shelf

    Myla Goldberg: Wickett's Remedy

    I'm reading this book right now, I was going to start a thread but decided to search first. I thought it was new! I got it at the library. I'm less than 100 pages in and can't decide if I like it or not. I like the story of Lydia, but the other stuff is distracting, including the side notes...
  15. Miss Shelf

    The what is this quote referring to game?

    The point is, with female circumcision, that ruins their sexual pleasure, whereas circumcision in males doesn't. At least not that I know of. :rolleyes: The two cannot be lumped together. I've read of women having their vaginas sewn so there is just a little hole for menstrual purposes, and...
  16. Miss Shelf

    Books you didn't finish

    I couldn't finish reading Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane, an astronaut, because I couldn't stand how he kept talking about how beautiful Judy Resnick was-I wondered if he would have been so effusive if she hadn't died, and how his wife feels about his gushing about Judy so much. The beginning...
  17. Miss Shelf

    I`ve just had a birthday

    I've read The Minotaur, it was a fascinating psychological mystery, but I was a little confused with some things at the very end. I like Ruth Rendell, and unlike most authors who write under a second name, the quality is the same.
  18. Miss Shelf

    Happy Birthday Gem!

    Happy belated birthday!! :)
  19. Miss Shelf

    The what is this quote referring to game?

    I have to ask, Moto: why did you pick this topic for discussion?
  20. Miss Shelf

    Happy Birthday Miss Shelf, Sell Sword & Andy

    Thank you! I had a good day! Pizza and cake, who can ask for more? ;)