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Search results

  1. letterHead

    Which e-reader do you own?

    I have a Kobo Touch, although it is having a holiday while I catch up with the backlog of heavy paper books that have been accumulating on my bookshelf. Once I've finished the 100 books there I will dive into the 350 or so on the Kobo.
  2. letterHead

    Looking for stories of people from earth being sent to fantasy worlds

    Piers Anthony's Adept series, and L Sprague deCamp's Enchanter series about Harold Shea also fit the bill. Maybe Michael Swanwick's 'The Iron Dragon's Daughter'?
  3. letterHead

    Recently Finished

    Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow. Even though this was one of his young adult novels I found myself thoroughly gripped and quite unnerved by the story. Supposedly set in the near future, nearly all the technology and techniques are about today. Marcus and his friends are out playing a computer...
  4. letterHead

    Writing software

    Simon Haynes, the creator of the Sci-Fi character Hal Spacejock, has a program called yWriter5 available for free at Spacejock Software.
  5. letterHead

    Can someone recommend a really engagin, intereseting non-fiction read?

    Books I've enjoyed are: Your Inner Fish Neil Shubin Longitude Dava Sobel Tycho and Brahe Kitty Ferguson Anything by Richard Feynman
  6. letterHead

    Free E-books

    I found Arthur's Classic Novels recently; seems quite good.
  7. letterHead

    When should you throw a book away?

    I have to admit that I have thrown out two or six books, but they were damaged beyond repair (cat damage, waterlogged, pages destroyed etc). I've never thrown away a book because I disagreed with the contents though. If I want to get rid of books I label them and release them through BookCrossing.
  8. letterHead

    Mom refuses to return young adult books

    Didn't anybody tell her that there are more copies available? Stealing from the library isn't going to stop young people from getting access to the books.
  9. letterHead

    Best time travel Sci-fi book?

    The Technicolor Time Machine by Harry Harrison A World Out of Time by Larry Niven By His Bootstraps (short story) by Robert Heinlein Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith Time is the Simplest Thing by Clifford Simak
  10. letterHead

    Michael Crichton- Timeline

    I enjoyed the historic aspects of Timeline, and thought the science had an air of believablity about it, but felt the book was spoiled by a limp ending. It felt rushed,as if he had to finish it before going out to dinner.
  11. letterHead

    Ray Bradbury

    I'm reading Green Shadows, White Whale at the moment, and it is absolutely delightful. There's a passage about a lift coming up its shaft which I read a number of times over, so good I found it. He is one of a handful of authors that are in my permanent collection, I have Dandelion Wine, The...
  12. letterHead

    Book Shelf Or Shelve Books?!

    I have one bookshelf for my permanent collection, which consists of non-fiction and a handful of fiction authors' works, and a second bookcase for transient titles. These are books that I buy to give away, or light reading - thrillers, mysteries, humour etc. with a shelf for my to-be-read pile...
  13. letterHead

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    It seems I just can't help myself. My latest acquisitions are: Eats, Shites & Leaves - Crap English and How to Use It by A Parody. Soul Music - Terry Pratchett A couple of Janet Evanovich mystery thrillers - Motor Mouth and Stephanie Plum 8. The Devil in the White City - don't remember the...
  14. letterHead

    Current Non-Fiction reads

    Troublesome Words by Bill Bryson. I hope somebody sends a copy to the journalists on my local newspaper.
  15. letterHead

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    I'm not sure how recent 'recently purchased' is, but the last two books I bought are Matthew Chapman's 40 Days and 40 Nights, about the Dover, Penn ID trial, and In the Footsteps of Frankenstein by Steve Parker. This is a children's book, about forty pages. On the even pages is a simplified...
  16. letterHead

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Recently bought: God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens, Why People Believe Weird Things - Michael Shermer, Eats, Shoots and Leaves - Lynn Truss Recently borrowed: Guns, Germs and Steel - Jared Diamond
  17. letterHead

    Current Non-Fiction reads

    Just over half-way through My Traitor's Heart by Rian Malan. A potted history of apartheid mixed with investigations into various killings.
  18. letterHead

    Ed McBain: Fiddlers

    I've read a good number of McBain's 87th Precinct novels and a Matthew Hope one, Rumpelstiltskin, I think it was. I've also read Downtown, which is not part of any series but just a general mystery-thriller. I consider them to be capably written with engaging characters, I like Steve Carella...
  19. letterHead

    Is your IQ above 160?

    Is that 160 Fahrenheit or Celsius?
  20. letterHead

    Modern fantasy

    Try Charles Stross's books The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue. Not quite present day, maybe a few years into the future, but good nevertheless.