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  1. blurricus

    Things to see in Britain?

    You could bring the book "Neverwhere" with you and do a fantasy-book-tour of London. Another suggest I have is to go to all small towns and villages. Look at a tourist book of the United Kingdom and then avoid all the hot spots. Hit the pub and ask where to go and what to do.
  2. blurricus


    To which colleges did he apply? Insanely prestigious ones? Congrats! It's weird, the amount of anticipation that goes into it. The nervousness, even though you know he'll get accepted because he's a genius. Right?
  3. blurricus

    Gaston Leroux

    I'm a big fan of the Phantom of the Opera. It's even more dark and disturbing than the musical/recent movie/old-school movie. I was a huge fan of the musical, but it left so many things unexplained. After reading the novel, I felt much more satisfied with the musical also. There are other...
  4. blurricus

    best soundtracks

    Igby Goes Down Clerks Empire Records All quality choices. But you're forgetting William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet The one with Leo and Claire. That soundtrack rocks my world.
  5. blurricus

    Joke Of The Day

    What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches? A nervous wreck.
  6. blurricus

    your favorite booze?

    I hate gin. Disgusting. Enjoy your disgusting drink. Vodka for me. All kinds of vodka. Cheap, expensive, cold, warm, etc. In drinks or by itself. It's so good, I'll even use sentence fragments for it. So good.
  7. blurricus

    What ticks you off when reading a book/story?

    I agree on the ridiculous descriptions. It irks me. I only enjoy it when it's a homeric simile. It ticks me off when a book isn't clear about who's speaking.
  8. blurricus

    Things to see in Britain?

    Did you truly go to Glasgow? Did you see the world's tallest cinema (specifically built to be a cinema)? Did you go to the parks there? Did you see a stabbing (Glasgow is supposedly the stab capital of the world)? Did you see any NEDs (Non-educated delinquents)? Other than that, Greenock...
  9. blurricus

    Is there a God?

    Russell's teapot WAS an interesting idea... But sadly, as science increases, it is found that Russell's teapot is a bit of a truth. I don't know how many people here are interested in string theory and various quantum physics combining the four forces into one universal concept, but it states...
  10. blurricus

    Actors and a talent to speak

    I think it's a bit different than that. It's their JOB to speak and act. When they get done and they're just being interviewed, they don't want to have to work. They want to just relax, get high (you know), and phase out. As far as listening to actors, I'm amazed at how stupid people are...
  11. blurricus

    are you into audio books?

    I do a lot of driving. The audiobook versions of His Dark Materials are amazing. Read by the author...always the way to go (unless it's somebody you know can read it even better). I just finished listening to the second book, The Subtle Knife, after 10+ hours of driving. I love audiobooks...
  12. blurricus

    I started work for McDonalds yesterday and now i am suicidal.

    I worked as a professional chef for 3 years. I also really enjoy food.
  13. blurricus

    Pick Your Pick..

    The Dune series is absolute crap after Dune. It gets worse and worse in every book. It's absolutely boring and was a struggle to get through. Earth's Children is da bomb. I was totally confused when Jean came out of the coma. I had no idea that she had come out of the coma, and suddenly a...
  14. blurricus

    Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are

    I really wish you meant "H.P. Lovecraft." I have an H.P. Lovecraft collection. I'm a bit of an elitist. When I see a lot of classics, I'm pleased. When I see a lot New York Times Bestsellers, I am a bit annoyed. I don't like it when people don't delve into a lot of other things. For...
  15. blurricus

    I started work for McDonalds yesterday and now i am suicidal.

    Ah. The bacon comes earlier and is seperate. You need to fry the bacon first and keep the grease in the pan to mix with the egg/act as the oil or butter. I suppose you could throw the bacon in with it, but I generally just snack on it while making the egg. Also, the recipe came whilst I was...
  16. blurricus

    I started work for McDonalds yesterday and now i am suicidal.

    So, I'm not a grammar nazi for the most part, but I have an overactive imagination. I read that literally saying that you would take White Castle over a day of the week (I'd prefer a slider to a Wednesday or Tuesday). At first I thought it didn't make sense at all, then I realized "He's a...
  17. blurricus

    I started work for McDonalds yesterday and now i am suicidal.

    Culvers is the exact opposite of White Castle. White Castle = 800 burgers for 5 dollars and more grease than an autoshop. Culvers = 1/8th of a burger for 5 dollars and more butter than Wisconsin can produce in a year. White Castle = a menu that hasn't changed since it's first appearance to...
  18. blurricus

    post-apocalypic movies

    The Resident Evil series was quite good. Only the last one was truly a post-apocalyptic movie, but it was glorious. I haven't seen Doomsday, but I really want to. Anyone want to go to this movie with me? Tank Girl is glorious. It's wonderful 90's music and a true feminist hero. I'm a...
  19. blurricus

    I started work for McDonalds yesterday and now i am suicidal.

    Helgi, new icon? I've been gone for a while. The thing I enjoy most about fast food places is their breakfast food. It's like a greasy spoon that doesn't take a ten minutes. After a night out, it's one of the greatest places to go. Favorite American fast food place: White Castle...
  20. blurricus

    book exchange

    One of my friends bought an e-book reader. I wish I could remember the name of it. It's the size of a clipboard and ingenius.