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    Ahh, I can relate to the goth music as well...sisters and bauhaus as well as Bella Morte, The Cruxshadows, Laeather Strip, Lacuna Coil and so on....good stuff. Though my tastes also go to the other end of the spectrum with bands like Belle & Sebastian and Neutral Milk Hotel. And ahhh...
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    Umberto Eco

    A delightfully colourful conversation spawned from my question, in my opinion, and has left me more entertained than (as it seems) Eco will leave me. That is, if I ever get around to the reading. I do agree...reading is too much of a pleasure for me to turn it into a drudgery. Thank you all...
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    Umberto Eco

    Thanks to both of you guys....hopefully I will get around to all that you have suggested...as soon as I set out to read a certain book, another one dangles itself in my face, daring me to read it first.....sigh. but thank you all the same, you both encouraged me to pursue Eco further...
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    Hi, I'm new.

    hey there, glad to have you here and looking forward to your input....
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    Currently Reading

    oops...so used to html on my website...sorry about that
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    Currently Reading

    I, too, am reading <b>American Gods</b> at the moment....im on page 195 at the moment, so im about a fourth of the way through...i love it so far...interested to hear what the rest of you have to say about it...(specifically ell & lies since they mentioned that they were reading as well)
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    A - Z Game: Favourite books

    B - Beasts by Joyce Carol Oates Innovative and moving. Really gets you involved with the characters. Takes risks in style and ideas while not leading you down a 'rabbit trail'....
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    Umberto Eco

    So I've been wanting to read an Umberto Eco book for quite some time. I've heard quite a few people say that they adore him, but (and excuse my ignorance) I've never known quite...why. So, for all those Eco fans out there, I have a challenge for you...why do you love U.E. and which book (and...
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    Library sales

    I'd say I'm addicted to purchasing books. My aunt and I even made our own bookcase for them to store in my dorm. I suppose it's just comforting to look up and see the old favourites, know they're still there if ever i want to relive them, and to also see the ones that havent been devoured...
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    Underlining: Addition or Subtraction

    I have a habit of underlining my favourite passages in whatever book I'm reading. My opinion is that underlining in books just adds to the value, and I especially love to buy a book used and find that someone else has already done the same...or even made notes in the margin. Some kind of...
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    Interview with the Vampire

    I'll have to add my two cents and say that Marius (one of my favourite characters) was portrayed horribly on Queen of the Damned...which was nice only because stuart townsend was mediocre in it...though he didnt fit the part. Can anyone say Jude Law? Anyways, though Anne Rice is critisized at...
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    Where Do You Buy Books?

    Here's my method(and id recommend it to anyone who doesnt mind slighlty used books): browse at b&n or whatever your major bookstore is...write down what you want....then go to www.half.com and buy them for anywhere between $1.75 and $10.00 depending. It's amazing, I tell you, and worth a try.
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    Reading more than one book at the same time

    ack...im so guilty of being halfway through one book and picking up another....half my collection has been half read, which is horrid...but there are so many books and seemingly so little time!
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    Poppy Z. Brite: Lost Souls

    It sounds interesting, Deerskin....I'll have to check it out, then I'll tell you what I thought.
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    Would you use a "Book Collector" software prog?

    I'm looking into the collectorz.com version as we speak...it cant hurt to try out the trial, i dont suppose....
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    A Belated Introduction

    I subscribed to this lovely forum a few weeks ago, and decided to be fashionably late on my formal introduction (or is it that I did not notice this section of the forums until just now...hmmm). Anyways, I have already spoken to a few of you, but to the rest of you I say 'Hello!', I look...
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    Herman Hesse

    HBinjection........on a general note Steppenwolf made me look at myself (and humanity for that matter) in a different light. There is a passage (located in the treatise, i believe) which speaks of harry being on to something within himself....that he has identified himself as a two-fold being...
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    Herman Hesse

    Ahh, Hesse.....Steppenwolf was by far my favourite of his...I have quite a few of his other novels in my collection but have been so consumed with others that I havent read them yet. Steppenwolf was definitely highly personal to me....I've read it three or so times, underlined and memorized...
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    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    Hermann Hesse was my fav for a long time....now I believe that Josephine Hart has taken the cake....After getting a hold of Damage, I was hooked and read three more of her books soon after....quite amazing
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    Currently Reading

    finishing up a graphic novel (sandman series IX by neil gaiman) and starting on Art and Lies by Jeanette Winterson