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    poems - poetry

    I just realized that there is no poetry around here. What do you say if each one of us posted a poem - not too long. His own, someone elses, lyrics, anything. I admit that I don't read poetry every day, but sometimes some verses, some poet comes to mind and it's good to share.
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    Classic Books

    Wouldn't it be nice if, when we have read a book, or even while reading it, we gave a brief account about it? It could serve as a guide to all others, and even be helpful to the reader, to clear and fix ideas? As for Salinger, isn't 'Raise high the roof carpenter' also his? Such I long time...
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    Classic Books

    Oh, Funes you make me feel so ignorant. I have no idea who the two you mentionned are. It seems as if the more I read the less I know. I just started 'Il deserto dei Tartari' by Buzzati, and Gunter Grass's 'Mein Jahrhundert'. I must have bought them last year or so and forgot they were...
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    Books of your childhood

    OOps! Sorry. Appendectomy takes two 'p'. I haven't yet found out how the spell check works here.
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    Books of your childhood

    Same thing here, Ell. My mother was telling me that I taught myself how to read around the age of 4-5, anyway, before I could speak very clearly, and never stopped since. One of my best memories, a little later, was when I had a tonsilectomy and stayed at home from school for a few days. The...
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    non english language litterature - even translated

    Russians, Italians etc. For Russian liiterature, I also have to reliy on translations. I really regret that I never learned a slavic language - a key to all other sl. l. - in time. I am afraid it's too late now, although I'm trying. As far as Eco goes, I had enjoyed very much the 'Name of...
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    Books of your childhood

    At what age did you start reading and which is - are the book(s) you remember from your childhood? Mine are fairy or folk or whatever, tales. Andersen, Grimm, 1001 Nights (expurgated of course). And the Encyclopedia. I still love story-tellers less so encyclopedias, but I love dictionaries.
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    non english language litterature - even translated

    Here I am again. Hello. It's not to disparage movies - I love them - but we were talking about books. So, is there a 'foreign', let's say, author you have read - if any?
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    Classic Books

    Funes, you touched a chord. I don't know of too many people who have read and loved the 'Good Soldier'. You became immediately a brother or sister soul. I should re-read it, because it was such a long time ago since the first time. But how do you keep up with all the yet unknown books and...
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    non english language litterature - even translated

    Sorry, I don't know how to navigate around here yet, I don't know how to insert quotes, etc. Bear with me. So... I couldn't imagine there would be so much response to the little pebble I have thrown. There is a lot to answer to all of you. And, to start, of course Lies, we have a lot in...
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    non english language litterature - even translated

    I was not refering exclusively to French authors - far from it. But there is a whole world of litterature, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Skandinavian... shall I go on and on? And not only our contemporaries - without excluding them So, why this alternative form of...
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    Difficult books.

    I have tried several times to read Proust and never get beyond 1 or 2 volumes. It's about time I gave it another try, but it could also be that it just doesn't agree with me.
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    Classic Books

    To go beyond any dictionary definition, I would say that a classic is a book that has no more to prove its value. His author may not be necessarily dead - but it helps. A book which is still being read, outside any publisher's publicity, commercial circuit or affiliated or not critics, may be...
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    non english language litterature - even translated

    I am sure I have a lot to learn from you because my reading of contemporary litterature, particularly American, is very far behind? But how come there is so little interest in foreign - not Anglo-american authors?
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    What do you use as a bookmark?

    I will never fold a page, but, from what I see, I have the most original system of all. Clothespins. Any plastic spring one will do, but I mostly use a set of small Japanese clothespins, in pastel colors with flat edges. Not only they mark my pages but they also keep them flat while I am...
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    Reading more than one book at the same time

    I couldn't get by on one book alone. Reading 4-5 at the same time, according to mood. Unless I get so engrossed in a single one, and then I finish it at one gulp before I go on to the others. I believe that TV has adapted us to switching fast from one mood to the next, and even to...
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    How often do you read?

    You make me feel both lucky and guilty. I have (almost) unlimited time for reading and do take advantage of it. Just lately, with everything that's going on in the world, I have neglected a little my book-reading, spending too much time with the weekly press - no newspaper reader - and...
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    How do you choose the book you'll read next ?

    When it's an author I know and like I try to read as many of his works as I can find. When I am looking for someone new, it's either from reviews and critics, or even better, I get a volume of collected stories of various writers and decide which one I like best. And then I go on. This last...
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    Hi Hey Hello

    Hello, I am brand new here. No idea how to post a message. I hope this works. I live by books - not alone - but mainly. I did eardrop for a while before joining but I wonder, is it an all-girls club? It seems that if women were illitterate the publishing business would go bankrupt...