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  1. Niyoosha

    Sterotyping people that read.

    You have to realise and appreciate that this is the age of games consoles, reality tv, instant gratification, and.....dwindling concentration levels. When given the choice of either sitting down and concentrating through a well written thriller novel, or sitting for an hour watching '24' once...
  2. Niyoosha

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Just got all 5 books of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series from my library :cool:
  3. Niyoosha

    What the heck is a Fish Lady?!?!!?

    It's not all bad, it could be a whole lot worse believe me:D
  4. Niyoosha

    What the heck is a Fish Lady?!?!!?

    So, what exactly is a fish lady? :lol:
  5. Niyoosha

    Need some series recommendations..or fantastic standalones!

    I got into the Millenium trilogy, I enjoyed the first two although I found them really slow and a bit of a slog to get through at times. I got about halfway through the 3rd book and gave up. Lisbeth is still one of the greatest fictional characters ever though.
  6. Niyoosha

    Books based on isolation/solitude

    I love that book, highly recommended
  7. Niyoosha

    i am after some help looking for a book

    I have had a quick look around and cant find anything. You could try posting a description on librarything.com/groups/namethatbook they may be able to help you there. It wont let me post a direct link to it but thats the site.
  8. Niyoosha

    Lost: Season 6

    I got into this show late but watched the entire first series within a few days, I love it even if it has got ridiculously confusing over recent series. Any newcomers have absolutely no chance of understanding what is going on. I still need to watch the final episode of the last series...
  9. Niyoosha

    Need some series recommendations..or fantastic standalones!

    +1 for Karin Slaughter and the Sara Linton series. Although the second, Kisscut, is pretty disturbing and not in a good gorefest kind of way.
  10. Niyoosha

    Finally a busy book reader forum!

    Or so I hope ;) I'm a 30 yr old male in the UK, I love reading fiction - mostly horror/thriller/fantasy 'typical boy' stuff. I'm currently reading Firestarter - Stephen King, after having it on my bookshelf for years, what a great, flowing story! Once complete I am going to be starting on...