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Search results

  1. Tina

    Robin Hobb

    k, you're making me anticipate the next Hobb series I read. Harder on his enemies, hmmm.
  2. Tina

    Robin Hobb

    I'm currently reading Royal Assassin, the second in the farseer trilogy. I love the characters, the intrigue, and scandal. I've gone out and picked up all the other books she has wrote to date, but will not rush to read them all. I will spread them out and enjoy them like a fine wine.
  3. Tina

    Tom Rob Smith: Child 44

    I saw Child 44 at Barnes online and thought it looked good. I hope to pick it up at some point now that I've heard some good stuff about it.
  4. Tina


    Welcome Pixidance, I enjoy reading folk tales also. I'm just starting to get into fantasy, not a big sci-fi fan though.
  5. Tina


    Thank you, I was wondering about that.
  6. Tina

    the ruins

    I read The Ruin about a month ago and thought it was an excellent story. Spoilers......................................... I was surprised by the order in which they died and who was the last one. Sad, I felt the worst for Eric, I feel he suffered the most, at least Pablo was in...
  7. Tina

    Richard Laymon

    Thank you.
  8. Tina

    Richard Laymon

    The only one that isn't available, (unless you want to spend $30 on an out of print) is Friday Night at Beast House. I wonder if that will be reprinted also...like the other have recently. Does anyone know what order they go in?
  9. Tina

    Richard Laymon

    Does anyone know what the rest of the titles in that series are?
  10. Tina

    Scariest Book Ever?

    I wish I could say I have one, but I've never been that scared while reading a horror novel. Someday maybe.
  11. Tina

    Richard Laymon

    I enjoyed Night in the Lonesome October.
  12. Tina

    Dan Brown

    I enjoyed Angels & Demons more than DaVinci Code. I liked the whole vatican scene and scandal.
  13. Tina

    Vampire Novel Recommendations

    Ellen Schreiber is someone I haven't heard of. Thanks, I think I'll check her books out.:)
  14. Tina

    Top 5 horror writers

    I see quite of few shared likes for horror authors. :) Anne Rice Robert McCammon Richard Laymon Clive Barker Peter Straub
  15. Tina

    New Site Design - Why?

    I just wanted to say that I like the new site, you did a great job!
  16. Tina

    Werewolf Novel Recommendations

    I did read the posts. I was looking for other opinions.
  17. Tina

    Werewolf Novel Recommendations

    Wolf's Hour by Robert McCammon Any Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake series. Cycle of the Werewolf by Steven King I've always wanted to try Alice Borchardt's wolf novels. Are they good?
  18. Tina

    A few questions...

    Welcome Scott. I haven't read House of Leaves, but will check it out. I wish horror scared me. Once in a great while I'll read a book that creeps me out a little bit, but not often.
  19. Tina

    Vampire Novel Recommendations

    I don't think I'd be as in love with vampires if it hadn't been for Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.
  20. Tina

    Valentines Day

    Happy St. Valentine's Day everyone!!