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Search results

  1. eclair

    My Dark Vanessa, Kate Elizabeth Russell

    Vanessa at 15, manipulated into a sexual relationship with her teacher. Vanessa in her thirties, making sense of the past and herself. Lolita through a different lens. This was one of those books that induced a lump in the throat throughout.
  2. eclair

    Six by Tana French

    Indeed, who am I to begrudge the occasional misstep. Have you read The Wych Elm?
  3. eclair

    More Than One Book...?

    These days when I multi-read it is only out of laziness. If I have left a book upstairs then I will just start reading whatever happens to be downstairs. A book for each room. :/
  4. eclair

    Hemingway: Men without Women

    ^ In Another Country, how he managed to imbue so much into a story so short is pretty amazing.
  5. eclair

    Six by Tana French

    ^Tana French is mostly more-ish with the occasional misses. In The Woods was great, The Likeness not so much.
  6. eclair

    2013 Nobel Prize in Literature

    Thank you. I'm chuffed to discover that I possess a copy of Love of a Good Woman. Will make it my next read.
  7. eclair

    why I hate tv crime shows

    ^ I kinda agree with his comment but not sure what it has to do with this thread. Ziva, she was easy on the eyes. No more information should be required beyond that. : |
  8. eclair

    2013 Nobel Prize in Literature

    Which of her stories would you say are the most demonstrative of her abilities?
  9. eclair

    Firefly Season 2?

    I'd probably check it out.
  10. eclair


    Bamboozled by yahoo adverts I have jumped the gun. Gravity is not released here until next month. :\
  11. eclair

    PBS's Downton Abbey

    ^ He is right. That is part of the show's charm.
  12. eclair


    ^ I assumed as much. Bryan459, if I go see it this week I'll let you know. I'm hoping its good so I can forgive Sandra Bullock for making me sit through The Blind Side. :\
  13. eclair

    Do You Remember What You Read?

    ^ Not sure how to google-proof a quiz. We could rely on an honour system, but then I have no honour.
  14. eclair


    Directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Anyone seen it yet? I want to know if the hype has some validity before I venture out into the daylight to watch it.
  15. eclair

    2013 Nobel Prize in Literature

    Eh, I suppose short stories deserve some recognition too. A Wilderness Station had an interesting set up.
  16. eclair

    Do You Remember What You Read?

    Make it a team thing. I call dibs on Meadow.
  17. eclair

    PBS's Downton Abbey

    Season 4 has started. Episode 3 provides quite a shock.
  18. eclair

    Douglas Farah: Merchant of Death: Money, Guns, Planes, and the Man Who Makes War Possible

    It was indeed a good read. When you start your gun-running business, make me your lieutenant?
  19. eclair

    Do You Remember What You Read?

    ^ I worry (in the manner of a paranoid Luddite) that the ease of external databases is corroding my brain.
  20. eclair

    Which 3 authors would you like to have a beer with?

    ^The central thought of finding one's own definitions rather than becoming influenced by other people's terms of good/evil/right/wrong was very strong.