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    Hi' Can anybody recommend any good Thriller/Suspense books?

    Try reading Cuckoo's Calling by JK Rowling, you can even try Davinci Code, Angels & Demons if you wish to get exciting suspense thriller. Well if you want scientific thriller try reading 'Mutant'
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    Dan Brown: Inferno

    Well I liked Inferno but it was not as good as Davinci Code, Angels & Demons. Well I even liked Lost Symbol but in Inferno there was no sort of villain. Zobrist succeded in his mission and spread the virus to curb population. Langdon just spoke about details of monuments and art crafts but...
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    poirot or holmes

    That's the introvert nature of Holmes make him who he is. I never read Hercule Poirot's novel but Sherlock Holmes is one of his kind. You can read 'The last bow'. Although not as good as Hound of Baskervilles but ya you will find you time well spent. Sherlock Holmes in my opinion is better cause...
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    Overrated Books

    I don't think Harry Potter was an overrated book. I think it was the best series in magical books. Just bear the Philosopher's Stone for first 40 pages. Then the story gets interesting with the advent of Hagrid. From there the description of Hogwarts, the quidditch and the battle with...