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Search results

  1. Spiceymunkey

    More help

    Sounds a bit like a Point Horror book called 'Dream Date'.
  2. Spiceymunkey

    Doppelganger lit.

    How about 'Mr X' by Peter Straub.
  3. Spiceymunkey

    Trying to find fiction books on the following:

    How about "Domain" by James Herbert. It's part of the Rats trilogy. This is a nuclear holocaust story, focusing on one central character but also with interludes concerning different people. The Day of The Triffids by John Wyndham. Cosmic rays cause blindness in most of the population...
  4. Spiceymunkey

    searching for a book title

    I think it's 'When the wind blows' by James Patterson. The girl in it is called Max short for Maximum. Theres also a sequel 'The Lake House' but it's definately not as good.
  5. Spiceymunkey

    Hitcher's Guide to the Galaxy -how does the film compare?

    Have actually been to see it now and wasn't overly impressed. The movie didn't really flow very well, Is it me or did there seem to be lots of awkward pauses where nobody seemed to know what to say? I really missed the bit where Marvin saves everybody by making the ship commit suicide by...
  6. Spiceymunkey

    Do you ever reread your books?

    I've reread pretty much all of my books a few times. I've probably read all of the Discworld books at least 3 times now. I especially like to reread if the books are a series and I've just bought the next book i.e. Harry Potter, but i do have to leave a few months between reading them though...
  7. Spiceymunkey

    Seeking This Book-Please Help!

    mmmm... Definately not repressed memory! Soooo want to know what this book is called. Have remembered some more about the trip through the desert. The Devil Guy makes the revenge guy forget that he is carrying water in his backpack and when he finally remembers it is there and drinks some...
  8. Spiceymunkey

    Friends and books

    My mum lent a book to a neighbour who then moved away -with the book. This book is the reason I joined the forum in the first place. We can't remember either the name or the author of the book. My Grandma combs every charity shop she comes across, has asked in various bookshops, both me and...
  9. Spiceymunkey

    Reading in May

    Haven't got any children so not quite sure what they're like at that age but have you tried reading your book aloud to the baby? Apparently the content of the books doesn't matter at that age and your voice would be soothing. Like I said, have no children but have seen stuff about this on...
  10. Spiceymunkey

    Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

    The first character to pop into my head was Dr Hannibal Lecter (From Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal)-Not a nice person, but fascinating all the same. Felt sympathy for him in Hanniabal when we find out about his childhood (such an unexpected ending, for me at least). Definately...
  11. Spiceymunkey

    Hitcher's Guide to the Galaxy -how does the film compare?

    Haven't seen the film yet but really loved the series. I was just wondering whether I'm going to be bittery dissapointed or pleasantly suprised. Can anyone think of any particular shockers that have come out over the years? Stephen king's books are definate candidates.
  12. Spiceymunkey

    What do you use as a bookmark?

    I inevitably fall asleep whilst I'm reading so my books are always shut when I next come to read them! Made some bookmarks by cutting and sticking postcards and adding string but seem to have lost them, good intentions... Have some cute bookmarks made of felt in the shape of bookworms but...
  13. Spiceymunkey

    Has anyone ever read any books like the Silent Hill computer game?

    The Mist by steven King. Its a short story in Skeleton Crew. Just read it again this morning -creepy!
  14. Spiceymunkey

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Is a Hatful of Sky out in paperback yet? Trace, Patricia Cornwell (I don't think I really like the characters anymore, but feel compelled to keep going) Skeleton Crew, Stephen King 2001: A Space Odessey, Arthur C Clarke Sushi for Beginners, Marian Keys (Last three all selected from...
  15. Spiceymunkey

    Funny book?

    Father Frank by Paul Burke is definately one of the funniest books I've ever read. Its about a guy who's really fantastic at being a catholic priest -raising money and encouraging people to go to church. Theres just one problem, he doesn't actually believe in God! Made me laugh out loud all...
  16. Spiceymunkey

    Mozart historical fiction?

    Amadeus by Peter Shaffus is a fictionalised play of Mozart's life. The film Amadeus was based on it but apparently the play is much more detailed.
  17. Spiceymunkey

    Does anyone know?

    Could it be Princess:A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean Sasson The only thing is its her friend who gets walled up inside one of the rooms of the house for having an affair or something like that. Not sure, but the book is really good anyway.
  18. Spiceymunkey

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Don't know about everyone else but I find hardback books seriously annoying for four reasons 1. The cover always slips off whilst I'm reading and ends up thrown in frustration onto the floor. 2. They are annoyingly cumbersome and seeing as my favourite reading position is curled up in...
  19. Spiceymunkey

    Books you'd never let your kids read....

    I received a series of fantasy books as a Christmas present at about age 9, I started reading the first but found it impossible to get into. A couple of years later I tried again and really enjoyed them -they definately instilled in me a love of the fantasy genre. The books did however...
  20. Spiceymunkey

    James Patterson: Maximum Ride

    I enjoyed 'when the wind blows' when I read it a few years ago but was severely dissapointed by the sequel. The characters lack emotion and the plot detail is v.poor. I suppose it's worth reading if you enjoyed the first book but wouldn't make a good stand alone read.