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  1. HeraSee

    AP English project on Schizophrenia

    I recommend The Divided Self and all other works by RD Laing. His theories revolutionized the conception of schizophrenia and his community for the treatment of schizophrenics makes a powerful case for a Patch Adams type of approach to treatment in a non-medical environment.
  2. HeraSee

    Max Barry

    I'm glad to have found this thread after having virtually forgotten about Maxx Barry, altogether. I picked up Syrup from the library a few years ago and absolutely loved his ironic wit and sarcastic style. Alas, I have not read any more of his work, but now I think I'll check out his shelf at...
  3. HeraSee

    Philip K. Dick

    Blade Runner is actually based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep which is a great place to start if you've never read anything by Philip K. Dick before, although VALIS will give you a more clear idea of who the author is. These are my 2 favorites from PKD. In Joy
  4. HeraSee

    poems - poetry

    Just one of the many amazing poetic masterpieces by Ani Difranco, whose poetry and music come highly recommended. "The Slant" the slant a building settling around me my figure female framed crookedly in the threshold of the room door scraping floorboards with every opening carving a rough...
  5. HeraSee

    recommend a poem!!

    I was also going yo recommend Sylvia Plath, my favorite for public performance is Lady Lazarus. I used to have a great audio book of Sylvia Plath reading her own poetry which really put the raw emotion into it. You can probably find it at a big library or bookstore. Who knows, you may even be...
  6. HeraSee

    Post a poem

    Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath I have done it again. One year in every ten I manage it---- A sort of walking miracle, my skin Bright as a Nazi lampshade, My right foot A paperweight, My face a featureless, fine Jew linen. Peel off the...
  7. HeraSee

    Philip K. Dick: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

    This is one of my favorite novels of all time. Did you know that the movie Blade Runner is actually based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I recommend VALIS next.
  8. HeraSee

    Books you've read before you had any knowlege of an upcoming movie based on the book.

    Another Philip K. Dick book, and one of my favorites, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Of course the film adaptation Blade Runner was actually made in 1982, I never saw it until just recently when a friend informed me that it was actually based on a book by one of my favorite authors...
  9. HeraSee

    Family Guy

    This is an amazing series with a quirky, consistent sense of humor. I saw an interview with the creator of the show who also does the voice for Brian (the dog) and was impressed with how he is so consistently funny. I highly recommend the Family Guy movie, it's uncut and shows the characters...
  10. HeraSee

    5th Element

    I can see why some people didn't take this one so seriously, but I thought that it was a great movie.
  11. HeraSee

    How Many Languages Do You Know and Use?

    Me too! English, español, and sign language. I can speak enough German to find the bathroom and enough French to find the door. I wish multilingualism were more mandatory (at least encouraged) at a young age in amerikkka.
  12. HeraSee

    are you into audio books?

    I think that audio books can be very useful when read by the author. I listened to William S. Burroughs read Naked Lunch on tape, and the author's own voice gave me a new perspective on the book. Sylvia Plath reading her own poems can be bone-chilling. I usually prefer to read the book...
  13. HeraSee


    Snow Crash is an amazing book, thank you for saying so. Neal Stephenson can really blow your mind, and I thought that the end was strangely fitting.
  14. HeraSee

    Recommendations for my 11 year old little brother.

    Anything by Piers Anthony is great for just about any age. He's written more than a hundred books and has a lot of series (I'd recommend Xanth for starters). Clever enough for adults and fantastical enough for children. Piers Anthony is a great author!
  15. HeraSee

    I started work for McDonalds yesterday and now i am suicidal.

    You should quit today! You don't need to work a job you hate just so you can get minimum wage. Be creative! Even working at a call center pays much better and has more dignity than making dirt to be shoveled down te mouths of the undiscerning and cleaning up the bathrooms after them. Good luck!
  16. HeraSee

    Books you've read before you had any knowlege of an upcoming movie based on the book.

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a great book that read years before the movie came out. I thought the movie was pretty good, but you can't beat Douglas Adams' wit and writing style.
  17. HeraSee

    Kurt Vonnegut

    A lot of people don't realize that Vonnegut influenced the counterculture. The Grateful Dead, for example, called their production company "Ice-Nine Productions" after the ironic world-sweeping crystal structure depicted in Cat's Cradle.
  18. HeraSee


    Symbiotic Satirist and Literary Lover. Hi all.