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  1. TownBear

    What other hobbies do you enjoy?

    No, I haven't. But I've seen it in the stores & it does look interesting. With the price of games, I usually prefer to play the game at someone else's house after they've bought it first lol. Pictionary is one of my fav. games.
  2. TownBear

    What do you use as a bookmark?

    Re: Confessions of an ex-page folder :eek: lol.. it was reverse for me.. my best friend folders corners when she reads books & I have to nicely give her heck to get her to not do that to my books please!:D lol I have a bag full of bookmarks.. most were gifts with a book. But I don't want to...
  3. TownBear

    Reading more than one book at the same time

    I have read more than one book at a time, but I stopped doing that... I really don't like it. I like to get lost in a story, and I just don't feel I'm doing that when I read more than one book at a time.
  4. TownBear

    What other hobbies do you enjoy?

    Other hobby's... gardening, baking, the beach, making web pages, board games, walking... guess that's about it. I'm pretty boring, really :)
  5. TownBear

    To start things off: Favorite books

    Fav. books from way back when the 4 or 5 books S.E. Hinton did.
  6. TownBear

    Looking for a book - Please help!

    Well, I can tell you of a book that's like that, but it's a boy in the story instead. Still a great teen book though. It's called "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton All her books in that series were good. A quick read, for an adult, if you wanted to check it out first. Other than that...
  7. TownBear

    Early Readers (Pre-teen & young adult)

    I am assuming this section is better than the rest of the board for this thread? Please move, if you think otherwise. I think it'd be interesting to have some tips on how to help early readers get started & interested in reading. I have a few, I'd really be interested in more, if anyone...
  8. TownBear

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    well, i'm back from HP yes, it was darker than the first. but it was good! the theater was full of kids today, none left.. it really does depend on the child, i suppose. if they like 'scary' stuff or not... mine luv it!
  9. TownBear

    How quickly do you read?

    Has anyone ever taken a speed reading course? I never have, but my friend took one in University. He said they teach you how to skip a lot of stuff & just take what's relevant out of the story. I always wonder where we develop our speed (or lack of), reading habits. And if they improve...
  10. TownBear

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    I guess this thread is a tad old... oh well :D I've bought my ticket in advance & I'm taking my little ones to see it tomorrow (PD Day tomorrow) I hope it's as good as the first.
  11. TownBear

    Jonathan Franzen: The Corrections

    by Jonathan Franzen I haven't read it yet, as I'm in the middle of another book (Childhood, a Canadian book).. I'm just curious if anyone has any opinions on it? Yeah or Nah. TIA
  12. TownBear

    Patricia Cornwell: Portrait Of A Killer

    Has anyone read this book? It’s by Patrica Cornwell. She claims to have solved the Jack the Ripper case. Do you believe? Researching for 18 months, spending $6 million (yes, that’s 6 million) of her own money & techniques unknown in the late Victorian era, this murder mystery writer...
  13. TownBear

    Carrie sequel?

    yes... maybe it's about time he did write a sequel to Carrie!
  14. TownBear

    Suggestions for September's Book of the Month

    i was on vac. at the beg. of the mth.... but when i got back, i tried for 2 weeks, wasn't able to get my hands on a copy of it:( anyone know what date the Sept. book will be selected?
  15. TownBear


    np... want any changes? and attachments can make things more fun for us users:D lol
  16. TownBear


    Darrin! I'm sorry.. you had asked for this, and I missed the post. If you want it changed in any way, shape or form... don't hesitate to ask... only takes me a sec. to make 'em:D < checks around > Uhmmmm gee, well... no attachments allowed in the post LoL hummmmmmmmm Ok...
  17. TownBear

    Hi everybody

    welcome to the best book forum on the planet:D
  18. TownBear

    do you keep a book list?

    w0w but do you have "The Book Of Lists" lol:D
  19. TownBear