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  1. KristoCat

    Children's horror

    Oh yeah, I went through a phase when children's/YA horror was a huge deal with me. I read stuff like Scary Stories to tell in the Dark, and Strange Tales (something like that... can't remember exact title) and then moved on to Christopher Pike and a little of RL Stine. I also read the Witch...
  2. KristoCat

    Making a Book List for Korean Students

    Here's a list of some popular, reading-for-fun authors and books for older elementary/younger junior high students: Any Lois Lowry (especially The Giver and Number the Stars, but the Anastasia and Sam books are great too) Any Judy Blume (especially the Fudge books) Any Roald Dahl Laura...
  3. KristoCat

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Yarr, 'tis a day to celebrate, and no mistake.:D
  4. KristoCat

    Best part of a book

    I couldn't have said it better myself, SFG :)
  5. KristoCat

    recommend a poem!!

    If you want to get some laughs, go for Billy Collins. His Smokey the Bear poem is one of the best I've read in a long time. You can find that poem and many others in his collection "The Apple that Astonished Paris."
  6. KristoCat

    The Photo Destruction Game

    Hammer breaks glass, spills beer all over.
  7. KristoCat

    A.J. Jacobs: The Know-It-All

    DS: thanks for posting about this! It sounds right up my alley and went on my TBR list right away! :D
  8. KristoCat

    Happy Birthday mom2kngr!

    oops... happy belated birthday!
  9. KristoCat

    August Reads

    Enchanter's End Game - David & Leigh Eddings (started in July, finished in Aug. Reread.) Eragon - Christopher Paolini Eldest - Christopher Paolini Book Lust - Nancy Pearl The Bean Trees - Barbara Kingsolver (reread) Skeleton Crew - Stephen King (reread) Bag of Bones - Stephen King...
  10. KristoCat

    Do you read the back cover before you buy?

    I read the back cover (usually not the first few pages, however) if I haven't already researched the book. But if I've read about it on Amazon or something already and I know I want to get it, I don't always read the back cover. Actually I usually read the back cover of a book before I borrow...
  11. KristoCat

    Memorable Movie Quote Game

    What's your quote, Justin?
  12. KristoCat

    Ice, ice, baby!

    Rock on, Ice! Happy birthday :)
  13. KristoCat

    Short - short story

    Right, I hadn't gone to the site. I just heard about the story from various different people. Interesting!
  14. KristoCat

    Short - short story

    *total surprise* That was the basis for an entire episode of a series??? For me, the whole appeal is the way it just stops and lets the reader imagine all the rest. Although, I suppose if most of the episode was about how the last person on Earth found him/herself in such a lonely state, it...
  15. KristoCat

    Short - short story

    Sci fi classic: The last person on Earth sat in a room. There was a knock on the door.
  16. KristoCat

    Your Favourite Things...

    Oh what a nice cozy thread!!! Watching movies and Survivor with my husband tickle fights with my husband Going shopping with my sister Reading old birthday cards and notebooks Sunny, windy days a warm bed breakfast burritos Recommending a book to someone and hearing later that they...
  17. KristoCat

    A Hurricane May Be Coming My Way...

    Good luck, Aqua :) Try to stay dry...
  18. KristoCat


    My husband and I are huge fans too. We bought both the movie and the series on DVD and I'm ready to watch them AGAIN :p
  19. KristoCat

    Memorable Movie Quote Game

    Conan the Barbarian! "We ought to put out an APB on something small and fuzzy."
  20. KristoCat

    Happy Birthday tundra

    Happy birthday tundra, more cookies are coming your way! :p :)