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    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    I, "the brain of a univers", am exploring the planet named Magrathea. :)
  2. L

    Mass Effect Series

    This is good to know. Thanks for your opinion!
  3. L

    Mass Effect Series

    I am patient, don't hurry! :) And then you may be able to say something to my spoiler, too. Would be interesting.
  4. L

    Mass Effect Series

    Yes, I'm looking forward to your opinion about the ending(s). Some players seem to be really disappointed... I read one comment that says something like: As I mentioned before that I don't like Steam, either this is not the way to change my opinion about Origin, but I have the (very...
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    Mass Effect Series

    Mass Effect 3 for PC Reviews, Ratings, Credits, and More at Metacritic The user score and the user reviews don't look very positive... I don't know if this result has also something to do with the Origins restriction and not with the game itself. At least it softens my frustration about not...
  6. L

    Mass Effect Series

    I don't like Steam either. I'm a rather old-fashioned type of player, who prefers playing games without necessary online-activation and similar restrictions... ;)
  7. L

    Mass Effect Series

    For playing the PC version of the game you must have an Origin-account (it's something like Steam but especially for EA games). I guess this problem doesn't exist with consoles? Have no experience with them...
  8. L

    Mass Effect Series

    I WAS looking forward to it, but then I heard that you are forced to install this Origin and register there - and I am definitley against this kind of restrictions! If there would be a chance to play ME 3 without such boundaries one day I would be so happy to buy and play it, but so far the...
  9. L

    Current Non-Fiction reads

    I am in the final chapters of "Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind" by VS. Ramachandran. A really fascinating book!
  10. L

    Tennessee Williams: A streetcar named desire

    I read A streetcar named desire after I had seen the movie, therefore my imagination has always been influenced. But I enjoyed both. I think the description of Blanche's way into madness is excellent and very intriguing. If I am not mistaken this "rely on the kindness of strangers" is...
  11. L

    Interesting yet bored

    Goethe's Wahlverwandtschaften (Elective Affinities). The subject was very interesting, but reading it was so enormously boring...
  12. L

    Moving in with someone: who's doing the moving?

    In my opinion this is the only way at all a relationship can work and last, so there is no need to answer further questions... ;) Sorry, and best regards from a hermit's way of looking at life :)
  13. L

    Book Journal

    I use an Access database, where I enter all my books. I mark them when I've read them with a rating system and sometimes a few comments as well, and an "x" when I don't want to read them again.
  14. L

    Reading as a way to understand how women think

    I think the only one you can learn to understand a bit better by reading a book is the author himself/herself and additionaly maybe the time in which he/she lived. THE woman does not exist, there are many of us and we are all different. :) Why not reading Simone de Beauvoir or Anais Nin?
  15. L

    Looking for good classics

    Gulliver's Travels and Don Quixote might interest you.
  16. L

    Your Star Signs And What They Say About You!

    Oh, I like that! But you forgot "extremely moody".... arghs, I hate that... ;) I'm not yet in prison - I plan to become a hermit in the mountains instead of that. So they will never find me... mwahahaha... :D Btw. my ascendent is scorpio... so I can't help it either. :cool: Best regards
  17. L

    Alice in Wonderland

    Maybe you are right - I can't remember the map exactly. I haven't thought of the possibility to "connect" Wonderland with reality this way until now - what a shame!
  18. L

    Alice in Wonderland

    Oh yes!!! :D And the Alan-Rickman-caterpillar was also absolutely great. I love this voice. :)
  19. L

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    Hey, I can see you. We are at the same place and in the same condition right now. :)
  20. L

    Alice in Wonderland

    I saw it yesterday and I like it very much. 3D is pretty cool. I love the style of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp is always great. :)