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Search results

  1. J

    The Photo Destruction Game

  2. J

    Welcome Stewart, O Senior Moderator

    a little banana told me today you'd been made a mod, a senior one at that. well done. good luck and have fun. jenn
  3. J

    Let's meet up (online)

    ok, online with ds, and just had some guy with HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER join in for a sec. wierd.
  4. J

    Let's meet up (online)

    man is this place ever different looking.:eek: ok so ds sent me an invite to this skype party. so i am signed up- janesays3 is my id, and my headset works. how do i know where to go? and does it start in an hour? :) help me, i am not tech handy.
  5. J

    Happy Birthday Jenn!

    thanks guys. i opened my hotmail today and saw a happy birthday from tbf!! halo, did you see where your boy morrissey is boycotting canada? we are such bad bad canadians? lol. and if someone bumps into kook, she may be interested to know I TOO have moved home. i had a great b'day which...
  6. J

    Politics And Religion

    first let me say it was only twice that i saw it, so i'm sorry, but 2 or 20 it's still rude. in neither case were the threads off-topic, a few off comments maybe, but both threads were still on target. believe me, i know a spammed thread. threads die 2 deaths, people get bored and move on, or...
  7. J

    Politics And Religion

    i know, and i really want you to start working on that. it's time to come out of your shell a bit, let us see the shy girl behind the sly pink cat. hiya kenny, that means nothing to me, i'm canadian.:p
  8. J

    TBF: Moderation Issues

    i am, i am. freya!!! take me to your leader!
  9. J

    Politics And Religion

    so i'll try the direct approach. i've been lurking around the past few days, see what folks are up to, and you've done this 3 times that i have seen. why? why do you keep doing this when quite obviously people still want to contribute, and do so, even after you have made your pronouncement? and...
  10. J

    Happy Birthday Sirmyk!

    whilst looking around to see what is what i stumble upon this and think how could i have missed this? was i not home, were you all dressed up, bunny suit newly laundered, shovel shined, and i missed your birthday. i think i need a swift quick in the ash hole. my apologies, and happy happy birthday.
  11. J

    1002 Things To Do With a bobbyburns

    thank you novella. i'm not here for a long time, just passing through, holiday visiting and what not. i'm really enjoying my bobbyburns, thank you, it was a lovely gift. very kind of you to think of me and my family. i hope you and yours had a lovely time over the holidays. best to you in the...
  12. J

    1002 Things To Do With a bobbyburns

    the bobbyburns i got for christmas is the talk of the futurepast. it takes my money and turns it into comics. also, i got a hat from SFG.
  13. J

    Old Christmas Threads (gifts, well wishes, etc)

    merry christmas everyone. i hope you all have a great holiday with friends and family and i wish you all the best in 2006.
  14. J

    Tracy Chevalier: Girl With A Pearl Earring

    i've never read anita brookner, any titles you would recommend as a first book?
  15. J

    Tracy Chevalier: Girl With A Pearl Earring

    you know i haven't seen the movie and i love miss scarlett. maybe i will rent it this weekend and get back to you.
  16. J

    The Therapy Thread

    i'm quitting therapy.
  17. J

    What are you listening to Right now?

    yeah sometimes they do a little parade thing.
  18. J

    The Therapy Thread

    you are mayo-phobic.
  19. J

    Inappropriate language

    mike walks around singing "that stuffs banana's b-a-n-a-n-a-s because the version i have on the comp isn't editted. so when it gets to the s**t part i yell out stuff at the top of my lungs. i am damaging him somehow, i am sure. and no cracks about the damage being from listening to gwen, i...
  20. J

    What your avatar says about you

    i do too. isn't that called false representation? and moto, hush! i don't want new members to be afraid of me.