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  1. soxfan

    Non-fiction sports books

    I've read more baseball books than are good for me (especially since most are Red Sox books). I recently read the Moe Berg biography and found it fascinating. Haven't gotten round to reading Friday Night Lights yet, but it's on the list.
  2. soxfan

    Looking for a book about cooking in Tuscany

    Could it be Heat, by Bill Buford? Some of it was excerpted in The New Yorker.
  3. soxfan

    Which is you favorite NFL team?

    OMG, Brister, that brings back the memories. Great name, not so great QB.
  4. soxfan

    Perfect fit: Actors and Roles

    Maggie Smith was perfect for McGonagall in the HP films.
  5. soxfan

    Which is you favorite NFL team?

    I grew up a Steelers fan, but now that I live in Boston, I gotta say, "Go Pats!"
  6. soxfan

    Book database for a personal to read list.

    I like both LibraryThing and AllConsuming.net (which also lets you list movies, music and other stuff).
  7. soxfan

    Do you keep books?

    Yes, though it'd be more accurate to say that it's the books that live in our apartment, and they just let us share the space.
  8. soxfan

    How often do you read?

    Every chance I get! I never go anywhere without some sort of reading material.
  9. soxfan


    I like satire too. Dr. Strangelove is one of my all-time favorite movies (even though, as a black comedy, it fulfills the requirement that everything goes to pot at the end).
  10. soxfan

    Your Reading Style??

    How many books on average do you read in a month? Between 3-6, but it varies according to schedule, length of books, etc. When it comes to reading do you prefer to read hardcover or soft? Probably soft -- easier to carry around. If you have your own personal library is it stocked with...
  11. soxfan

    Attending the theatre-do you?

    The wife and I usually go to a couple of summer stock shows every year. I'd love to see more -- wish it weren't so darn expensive to see the bigger shows.
  12. soxfan

    How often do you talk about books?

    I talk about books pretty much every day with my wife (we're both big readers), and often with other people as well. Once I got into a nice Harry Potter-related conversation in the ladies' room at a rest stop, only afterwards realizing it was sparked by my Gryffindor Quidditch T-shirt.
  13. soxfan

    Favorite books on the mob

    I haven't read that many mob-related books, but I liked the Pileggi book too.
  14. soxfan

    I just finished reading...

    Just finished Gemini, the concluding book in Dorothy Dunnett's Niccolo Rising series. Not quite as rich in detail as the previous ones (probably because she has set it in countries the characters already know pretty well), but does a splendid job of describing all the different personalities and...
  15. soxfan

    Mr. Potter's contribution to fantasy literature

    Funny thing is, Rowling didn't think she was writing a fantasy book until after she finished the Sorceror's Stone: http://www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,1083935,00.html Which brought about this rejoinder from Terry Pratchett, in a letter to the Sunday Times: "I would have...
  16. soxfan

    So what is it about Harry Potter that you like?

    I like that Rowling pays a lot of attention to building the world, down to the very last detail. For instance, I loved the flying interoffice memos in the Ministry of Magic and all the different floors in St. Mungo's.
  17. soxfan

    The Pretender

    Oooh, I loved that show. I would love to have Jared's talents, but with my family intact and without the emotional trauma and guilt from doing the Centre's bidding for so long.
  18. soxfan

    nicholas pileggi

    I read it a while back, probably before I saw the movie (I can't remember for sure). I didn't have any problems reading it -- I wouldn't want to live in Henry Hill's world, but I did like seeing it through his eyes.
  19. soxfan

    How often do you buy books?

    Way too often for the amount of shelf space we have (or rather, don't have).
  20. soxfan

    Your age

    I'm 34. I was, er, over 18 and under 30 when I read the first HP.