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Search results

  1. mothermayhem

    Joe Hill: Heart Shaped Box

    Heart Shaped Box and/or 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill. I read the 1st and reading the 2nd now. I just wondered if you liked them or not? I did and I am, and hope he writes more.
  2. mothermayhem

    Jack Ketchum: The Girl Next Door

    I agree this was a disturbing book to read. More so because the basis of the story is true.
  3. mothermayhem

    Stephen King's son writes horror novel

    I have read HSB and I'm reading 20th Century Ghosts (in its second printing after a limited edition release the 1st time around). Loved the 1st and loving the second. Hope you find them both. He is going to go far IMHO.
  4. mothermayhem

    "Dumbledore Is Gay" says Rowling

    Good enough I guess. Got people talking right enough.
  5. mothermayhem

    "Dumbledore Is Gay" says Rowling

    right on philw
  6. mothermayhem

    "Dumbledore Is Gay" says Rowling

    It is not a question of if Dumbledore is gay or not, and so what if he is, it does not, for me anyway, detract from who he was in the story. My question was what was Rowlings point. For what ever reason she has, she stirred something up. The Harry Potter Saga was over. Everyone more or less...
  7. mothermayhem

    the lies of locke lamora

    I tried to read this book too. Don't think I got as far as page 50. It just didn't grab me. Maybe I'll try it again.
  8. mothermayhem

    "Dumbledore Is Gay" says Rowling

    You know that was my thought. What was the point. :confused: The story had been completed. We all were moving on. I think this was a poor move on Rowlings part.
  9. mothermayhem

    Jack Ketchum: The Girl Next Door

    Ladies Night!!!Women suffer adverse reaction to chemical spill in New York City. Men/boys beware! Ketchum is definately a grab you by the throat author. As far as TGND, the book was good enough for me. Think I'll pass on the movie. Read the story in Crime Library also. My own mental images...
  10. mothermayhem

    I recommend this book!

    Just turned the final page of a very satisfying suspense novel. HEARTSICK by CHELSEA CAIN. Once you start you won't put it down. Female serial killer, her victimized hero cop, sassy newspaper reporter and a new serial killer on the loose. If this is your kind of read pick it up soon.
  11. mothermayhem

    Just a heads up

    To all who love Halloween. SciFi Channel is hosting a "13 Days Of Halloween" marathon. Starting Oct.19th thru Oct.31 they are airing movies, series, & original programming. Y'all should check out the line up.
  12. mothermayhem

    Crime or forensic fiction wanted

    Impressive list. How about The Alan Gregory Series by Stephen White. Stone Barrington Novels by Stuart Woods.
  13. mothermayhem

    Does anyone read Charles de Lint?

    What have you read? The Newford Series Your impression of his writing style? The Father of Urban Fantasy Your favorite book? Widdershins Would you recommend him? Yes!! If you haven't read his books. Please do!
  14. mothermayhem

    You know you're addicted to reading when...

    When your hold list at the library is maxed out.:eek: You burn the bacon you are cooking for breakfast.:mad: You have a book stashed under the drivers seat for when you're stuck in traffic.:D
  15. mothermayhem

    Do you read in the toilet, and what reading material usually goes in there?

    When I gotta go I fingermark my book and go if it's something I can't put down. Doesn't happen often.:o
  16. mothermayhem

    Top 100 Sci-Fi Books (online survey)

    I so agree with you. Bradbury completely changed my view on literature. From reading gothic romance (Victoria Holt), horror(Poe. Lovecraft, Hawthorne, King) to Farmer, Asimov, Heinlein. Even tho my reading preferences have changed to mostly fantasy of all styles Bradbury will always be my...
  17. mothermayhem

    Most influential book you ever read?

    Summer of '75 sitting bored at a friends house found a paperback under her bed. Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes I"ve haven't been the same since. This book opened the doors to worlds I did not know existed.
  18. mothermayhem

    Crime or forensic fiction wanted

    Jonathan Kellermans Alex Delaware series is an excellant read. I highly recommend this writer.
  19. mothermayhem


    Hi, new here Always looking for others who read.I have a lot of reading time since the restaurant I work at is under construction due to a upstairs apt. fire. My favorite reads are fantasy(Urban,Epic,Dark), Horror,SF,Mystery,just about everything except the romance stuff.