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Search results

  1. Zhizara

    What shows are you watching this Fall?

    CSI - all of them but Miami. Sorry, but Caruso always looks like he is posing for a magazine, and none of the other characters grab me. Prime Suspect Body of Proof Rizzoli and Isles Criminal Minds Terra Nova NCIS & NCIS LA Person of Interest I also like Project Runway, but usually...
  2. Zhizara

    Recently Finished

    I finally was able to read The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I really enjoyed it except for one part near the beginning where he goes into tedious detail about cold war history. I just skimmed over those pages.
  3. Zhizara

    Internet Explorer Users and their IQ

    I love my Firefox. Great ad blocker, lots of options. IE is horrible since they "upgraded" from IE7. Now that I upgraded my yahoo, I don't have to use IE any more.
  4. Zhizara

    Keyboards - Curiosities - a Travel story .

    I'm incensed that "they" removed the cent sign and substituted a caret. I've NEVER had the need to type a caret! I often need the cent sign. It's just not the same saying 99 cents. It wouldn't be bad if I could change the uppercase 6 back to the cent symbol, but I can't even do that! How...
  5. Zhizara

    Recently Finished

    I read Disturbed by Kevin O'Brien recently for the first time. I will definitely be looking for more.
  6. Zhizara

    Recently Finished

    The Winds of Darkover by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  7. Zhizara

    New Tom Clancy

    So, when the paperback comes out what will the Kindle version cost?
  8. Zhizara

    YA fiction is too dark

    Okay, I give up: What is YA fiction?
  9. Zhizara

    What books have you hated?

    Cujo by Stephen King. I had liked Stephen King before so when the book came out I grabbed it. I also like to read while I'm eating, but after 11 pages of snot and vomit, I threw the book in the trash.
  10. Zhizara

    Which Was the Last Book You Read in One Sitting?

    Just be prepared not to get much else done while you are reading one.
  11. Zhizara

    Which Was the Last Book You Read in One Sitting?

    I really don't remember, but I'd bet it was one of Nora Roberts' writing as J.D. Robb. Who knew sweet, tame Nora had such an alter ego.
  12. Zhizara

    What new TV shows are you watching?

    Body of Proof, In Plain Sight are new ones I'm enjoying. I'm looking forward to Falling Skies too.
  13. Zhizara

    What's the most misspelled word?

    Funny, but when I see misspelled words I feel pity for the person who has embarrassed themselves publicly.
  14. Zhizara

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    In the mountains of the planet Darkover, fighting a forest fire.
  15. Zhizara

    Ken Follett

    I've been a little disappointed in Pillars of the Earth in that it just doesn't hold my attention. I work on it when I'm between books, but put it down when I have something else to read. It may be the subject matter that bothers me, evil people hiding behind religion.
  16. Zhizara

    Stieg Larsson

    I've read the first two books and enjoyed them both equally and immensely. I'm still waiting for the 3rd to be available in paperback. I hadn't learned until recently that he had died. Such a shame, no more stories.:sad:
  17. Zhizara

    Ignore Thread

    Thanks. I guess it was just a senior moment.
  18. Zhizara

    Voracious Reader

    Sorry, Polly, for the inside joke. Several of us avid readers know each other from the Discuss Cooking forums. Frank is a Site Administrator there.
  19. Zhizara

    Ignore Thread

    Having recently joined, I'm fairly sure I remember "Ignore This Thread" as being an option under Thread Tools. I don't see that option now. I also don't see the other way to keep unwanted threads from popping up every time someone posts, by marking the thread as read. Can someone please...