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    Worst or most disappointing book?

    I really enjoyed the Lord of the Rings. For the most part, I like science fantasy. I didn't like The Great Gatsby.
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    Catchy tunes

    What about: This is the song that never ends, It just goes on and on my friend. Somebody starting singing it not knowing what it was Now they'll continue singing it forever just because... This is the song that never ends, It just goes on and on my friend. Somebody starting...
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    Books about life in America in the mid-1600's

    I'm looking for books, fiction or non-fiction, which are representative of life here in America in the mid-1600's. Any suggestions?
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    What do you do with a book you've read?

    I keep my favorites and give the rest away to friends, relatives, or the library.
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    Songs for falling in love

    Ever considered This One's For You by Barry Manilow. ;)
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    Ask Me Anything ...

    Here are two: What is a glass-head? I'm reading a book where there are several glass-heads in the plat. I know it's someone on some type of drug, but what drug is it? Why do car manufacturers put mirrors on the passenger side which make objects closer than they actually appear?
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    Intext notes and references.. love or hate?

    There were endnotes in each of the Ohio/Michigan historical books by Alan W. Eckert. At times, I got tired of flipping back and forth, but I was always too curious to skip them. If you haven't read those books, I highly recommend them. They are quite graphic, especially number 2, but the are...
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    If you could be a character...

    Sapper, do you think Moiraine is still alive out there somewhere?
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    If you could be a character...

    WoT stands for Wheel of Time: an outstanding fantasy series (in my humble opinion). If you've not read it, I highly recommend it. You may want to keep track of characters as you go though. It can get a little confusing now that he's up to book 10 (or is it 11?)
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    How quicly do you forget a book you've read?

    Fortunately, or is it unfortunately, I tend not to forget.
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    If you could be a character...

    Possibly Moiraine from the WoT. I personally think she's still alive. The one she's in. Her outward calm. Her power. ;) Miriam, from Miriam's Journals. A very kind woman.
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    Hardback or Paperback

    I think the paperback wins for me. They're easier to carry around everywhere I go.
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    One first book

    The Bible. It has everything; war, romance, adventure...
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    Why does crap float to the top?

    Well that certainly changes things. :) For some reason, don't ask me why, I thought your name might be Bobby or even Robert. Rereading what you wrote in the context of your name actually being Bryan is so much more fun on my end of the comment.
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    Why does crap float to the top?

    BE WARNED: THIS IS NOT FOLLOWING THE THREAD, BUT I would like to take a few moments to reply to some of the comments which have been made either to me or about me: Please note that this question, “if you can define your version of intelligence, and why that makes one elite, I'd appreciate...
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    Looking for a book from my teen years

    Try doing an internet search. That's how one member found the book Mr. Pudgins with very little information - no title or author.
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    Why does crap float to the top?

    Irene, I completely agree with what you are saying. What is life without reaching beyond yourself to bry to be something more - better, if you will? I only used the word "elite" because it had been mentioned a couple of times before and I had the distinct impression that because one reads...
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    Why does crap float to the top?

    For me, there are times I want to be mindlessly entertained. Other times, I want to have to think about what I'm reading. As for intelligence, I'm not sure what your definition of intelligence is. My definition of true intelligence is what most people would probably term basic common...
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    Currently Reading

    I'm currently reading The Sacrifice by Beverly Lewis. It's the third in a series. I've found the set to be very enjoyable.
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    do you keep a book list?

    I keep a list, but I find that the list grows much faster than I can read the books.