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Search results

  1. Kaz

    Happy Birthday RaVeN!

    Hey! Happy Birthday to Ya!! :D
  2. Kaz

    Suggestions: January 2006 Book of the Month

    I'll go for Small Island by Andrea Levy too.
  3. Kaz

    Suggestions: December 2005 Book of the Month

    Why not to read Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis?
  4. Kaz

    Happy Birthday phil_t!

    Happy Birthday Phil T
  5. Kaz

    Ice, ice, baby!

    Happy Birthday Ice Have fun! :D
  6. Kaz

    Ken Follett: The Pillars Of The Earth

    I agree with Sanyuja, I found this book ok, one thing is annoyed me with length of this book which I find to read it for ages. I am not interesting in how they building the church. But I enjoyed the adventures in it.
  7. Kaz

    Nooooo!!!!! It's September

    About time, September arrive!! I hate Summer cos I have hayfever. I can't cope with hot weather, it's too much for me! I like Autumn and Winter cos it's nice to have cooler weather. I enjoy to stay inside home to keep warm in winter. :D
  8. Kaz

    Carlos Ruiz Zafón

    Wabbit, move it up higher in your piles. :D :p It's worth to read. Last week I finished this book. It got me hooked from start to end. :D
  9. Kaz

    Books you are afraid to post about.

    I usually read a couple of Danielle Steel books every year, I usually read few trashy books to give me relax to read, nothing heavy. I like Danielle Steel, I admit.
  10. Kaz

    Someone tell me this.

    I second that, Mr Michel. English is my second language as BSL (Britsih Sign Language) is my first language. I don't mind someone encourage me to point incorrect english, not critized which aren't help.
  11. Kaz

    Someone tell me this.

    Funnily enough I agree with Martin, I have noticed the atomsphere here are changing. I come here about 3 years ago as same time Martin comes here. That time, the forums were friendly, fun topics and discussion about books alot. We know some members well like Watercrystal, Raven, Ashlea, PhilT...
  12. Kaz

    Best things in life

    Always to be happy to share with my family, browse in bookshop, looking up at beautiful blue sky and stare at stars and moon during nighttime. Proud to have my own rich language, British Sign Language to makes me think who start to create this language. :)
  13. Kaz

    Suggestions: October book of the month

    oh yeah, what about Shadow of the Wind? :)
  14. Kaz

    Tragedy in London

    My thoughts are with families.
  15. Kaz

    Suggestions: September book of the month

    What about Purple Hibiscus by Chiamanda Ngozi Adichie?
  16. Kaz

    Halo halo halo...

    Happy Birthday Halo, have fun!! :D
  17. Kaz

    Be it resolved

    I agree with you!! :D :D :D
  18. Kaz

    Computer or Reading?

    Well well well, Direstriats, IMPOSSIBLE for me! LOL The fact is I am deaf and can't hear audiobooks!!! That ones annoyed me alot that hearing people can listen to them and same with Radio 4 as well, but I can't. I really envy of you all. You should realise how you be lucky. Of course I am proud...
  19. Kaz

    Computer or Reading?

    Tell me about it, Porthos! Few years ago I always on the bus and read my books. When I passed my driving test, I drive to work that show I got less reading!! Grr!
  20. Kaz

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Bought 3 for 2 at Borders yesterday Bergorf Blondes by Plum Skyes Purple Hisbiscus by Cheilamanda Ngordi Admene ( Long name but I knew it isn't right!) Vroom with A View by Peter Moore