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  1. KariBernadine

    The Haunting of Hill House- Revisit of a classic

    I decided to revisit Hill House since it seems to be the perfect time of year for a haunting story. I initially read Jackson’s work quite a few years ago and find I’m delighted all over again to enter the prose she so intricately wove. She has succeeded again in leaving my thoughts a bit...
  2. KariBernadine

    Suggest me a book that is about Self development.

    Initially I would have to ask why you are not having peace in your work life? If not, why not, there are usually numerous variables in that equation. 😊 I would recommend, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” by Mike Robbins. Often we try to fit into a mold of what we think we’re...
  3. KariBernadine

    Daisies - a poem

    Your poem encouraged me and reminded me of the truth that we are ‘humanity’s hope.’ One breath, one step, one moment at a time we can be the difference that echoes in eternity. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Kindest regards, Kari
  4. KariBernadine

    Daisies - a poem

    Your choice of metaphor is inspiring. As a gardener with heart for beauty, daisies are refreshing to the soul. They can teach us the importance of rallying against the elements and seeking restoration and rejuvenation. We are seemingly lost in the desert, but we too can rally against the...