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    who here has read the walking dead comics?

    Hello, I read ten years of TWD in six months. The comic or rather graphic novel was very good. It had good writing with good developing characterization and never felt contrived, but Zi finally tired of reading the series, so I am going to see if I can download the volumes, and see if anyone...
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    Hello! Author from Chicago!

    Hi Jonathan. I am curious. How do you publicize books that you self-publish?
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    New Author

    Hi Conrad. Congratulations. Nice to hear that you have published your first book. Did you self publish or do you have an agent?
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    Hello, all.

    Hi Erik. You should take a look at Wordpress? The community of bloggers there would be a good setting to discuss your different interests.
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    Hello from the beautiful, sunny caribbean

    Hi Linda. What do you like to write?
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    Hello, my name is Misty!

    Hi Misty. I noticed recently that Buzzfeed had a list of underrated horror fiction. Maybe, one or more of those books would be good for you. https://www.buzzfeed.com/annakopsky/underrated-horror-books-to-spook-ya?utm_term=.hvjR2PA5Q#.tpXqJDyg8 Best, Danny
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    William Knoedelseder: Bitter Brew

    Thank you. I just added this book to my library wishlist.
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    Arthur Conan Doyle: The Great Boer War

    Thank you. I never realized he wrote nonfiction.
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    What are some of your favorite books that changed your life?

    Serpico by Peter Maas was a big influence on my life. He was honest. He would not steal or accept graft. He had high ideals, and tried to fight against the wide spread corruption. He was almost murdered for his efforts.
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    Which magazines do you read?

    The online Paste Magazine which is good though I do not recommend their book section and AARP which I used to think was junk, but now that I am closer to retirement, I am enjoying the magazine much more. Otherwise, there is so much free content on the Internet, why bother.
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    Selecting Comics and Graphic Books For Adults

    Thank you. I found a couple mature and young adult titles at Alterna. There, I saw a link that led me to comixology and finally to the Ignatz awards where I really found interesting titles. I have been looking for titles that take you beyond the obligatory sex and violence.
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    Selecting Comics and Graphic Books For Adults

    Thanks. I'll try them. I did my Google search, and found two fiction titles that may be good for me. I am having bad luck with nonfiction however. Selections found are few at this point. regdog - Thank you for all your comments. At this point I could not figure how to PM you, so I figured I...
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    My Favorite Graphic Novel This Year So Far

    Hi. Forgot, I am beginning to appreciate Papergirls. It was one of six titles that were said to be similar to the Netflix series Stranger Things.
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    My Favorite Graphic Novel This Year So Far

    Hi. I am reading DMZ right now. It is a pretty good story, but I am losing interest. I bought Sex. It is about a former superhero that is learning to live like a normal person. The reviews were very divided.
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    Should we vote on another "Book of the Month" selection?

    Yes, thank you for mentioning the idea.
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    Speed Reading

    I think speed reading is disrespectful to an author who you are supposedly interested enough in reading, but you are not willing to take the time to really comprehend what feelings and thoughts the author wants you to experience. Every word that is written by an author, especially a good...
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    Selecting Comics and Graphic Books For Adults

    I do not have many sources to finding graphic books that are going to be of interest to me. I have passed the stage of reading about superheroes. Paste Magazine has a section for comics, but it is difficult to be certain that a reviewed title is going to be of interest to an adult. Occasionally...
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    My Favorite Series Read This Year So Far

    In about six months I read ten years of The Walking Dead. The continuing story line held my interest because of the very good character development and in all that time, there was never a contrived plot. Robert Kirkman is the creator of The Walking Dead. It is amazing that he stayed with the...
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    My Favorite Graphic Novel This Year So Far

    Cash Cow by Marc Ellison and Christian Magurara is a mature themed book about a Tanzanian girl who is sold by a father to be the wife of a brutal man. The book is a very good and serious story.
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    Hi. I am Danny from New York City

    I have broad interests in fiction and nonfiction. I usually look for interesting and challenging books. I select books by ratings and reviews at Literary Hub, reviews and best book lists at Paste Magazine and different types of lists at Medium. I look forward to meeting you.