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  1. D

    another book recomandation page

    umm yay thx i am luckily going to the library today meaning i am not of age to drive my self but i am aranged to have a ride :rolleyes: ... ok i will check out those books.
  2. D

    another book recomandation page

    umm by fantasy world do u mean america... or are u just insulting me waaaaaaaah :(
  3. D

    Hello there

    umm welcome welcome you are probably waaaaay less new tahn me but hey welcome... :mad: hey no fair im new to and no1 wrote anything to me :mad: ... :confused: fine i'll accept this... welcome none the less
  4. D

    another book recomandation page

    yea im kinda off with books... its hard for me to just find one i can read and not lose the joy in it i happen to like middle age books fantasy books like knights and tale books... i also like books with magic and some kinds of journey... NOT LORD OF THE RINGS NOT MY KINDA BOOK. anyways please...